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    MacBook Pro is Getting Some Amazing Updates!

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    Amit Srivatsa
    Amit Srivatsa May 29, 2016

    For the past few years, the MacBook lineup hasn’t seen any major design changes. The only big development was the launch of the new MacBook series (with one USB port! What the hell!) … in pink!

    Don’t you dare call it Rose Gold. It’s pink, okay? End of discussion!

    Coming back to the MacBook, we have some exciting news! Apple is expected to launch a whole new lineup of MacBook Pros by the end of this year. Here’s all the dirt we’ve been able to dig up so far:

    Touch ID

    The new MacBook is going to have Touch ID. That’s right. The super-cool functionality of the iPhones is now coming to the MacBook as well. We’re not entirely sure what purpose it will serve in a laptop, apart from serving as a replacement for your login password. But hey, it’s a neat feature, nonetheless.

    OLED Touch Panel

    BGR reports that the new MacBook Pros will feature an OLED Touch Panel just above the keyboard. “The OLED display will purportedly be implemented as a replacement for the traditional function keys,” says the report.

    What that means is that this new panel will perform the routine tasks that the function keys usually perform — Brightness, volume, play/pause tracks, etc. But then, what’s the point of the panel, you might ask.

    And therein lies the twist!

    Some Apple podcasts were of the opinion that unlike the function keys, which are static in nature, the Touch Panel will be dynamic –  they will change their functionality according to the App active on your Mac! How cool is that!?

    Slimmer, Lighter, and More Powerful

    The new MacBooks are going to be thin and light (but, of course!); but do you know how thin and light? Well, they’re going to be so compactly built that they’re likely to replace the entire MacBook Air series!

    And of course, there’s going to be the usual stuff, like a bump in speed and processing ability. Exact details of the upgrade, however, haven’t been disclosed. But we can be sure that the new laptops will be super fast.

    And obviously, they’ll stay snappy like that until we fill them up with data, after which they start to lag. Read our guide on how to speed up your Mac.

    Most reports are saying that the new MacBooks will be announced in the “last quarter” of this year. We’re not sure if that’s for this fiscal year or this calendar year. Either way, we won’t have to wait more than a few months.

    The MacBook is one of the sturdier and more reliable products that Apple has created. It has its own set of loyal followers and its performance is still at par with some of the newer laptops in the market.

    That said, it’s high time the MacBook was upgraded and we’re hoping that Apple will show us a sneak-peek of these amazing devices in the September event. We’re dying to see what the new lineup looks like.

    Source: NDTV Gadgets

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