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    MacX MediaTans Review: A Better Way to Transfer Data between iPhone, iPad & Mac

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    Varun Bhatia
    Varun Bhatia Aug 27, 2016

    Apple products behave very much like a real family. They gel well together and are perfectly compatible with each other. We love the Apple ecosystem and the ease of use it gives to us. But we also resent the utter lack of control Apple gives us. If you’ve ever tried to manage/sort files on your iPhone or iPad, you know what we’re talking about.

    iOS doesn’t offer you root access to the files stored on your device! And that makes it extremely hard to manage your files. We’ve all experienced the sheer frustration of not being able to do simple things as even renaming our files.

    Sure there is iTunes, but let’s be honest, it’s barely adequate for our needs. Consequently, a number of third-party apps have sprung up that let you manage the contents of your iDevices. MacX MediaTans is one such product.

    What is MacX MediaTans?

    It’s a media transfer app. As their tagline claims, it’s the “best way to transfer Photos, Videos, and Music between an iPad/IPhone and a computer.” We wouldn’t go so far as to call the “the best”, but we’d certainly prefer it over many others.


    MacX MediaTans builds its case on solving those areas where the iTunes falls miserably –

    Better file transfer options: MacX MediaTans offers really good speeds when it comes to transferring files. To be precise, the software can copy one hundred 4K resolution photos in less than 9 seconds.

    The app lets you connect your device as a USB drive. You can just dump your files onto your connected device and not worry about the dreadful iTunes sync!

    Advanced syncing capabilities: iTunes syncing can be quite depressing at times, and MacX MediaTans offers you a way out. You have two-way sync so you can choose which library (the device’s or the computer’s) is replicated onto the other. You can also enjoy the freedom of batch editing music files, playlists and album info.

    Automatic file format conversion: Apple is notoriously infamous for not supporting things — peripherals, apps, flash, you name it. Video file formats star prominently in that list. MacX MediaTans lets you automatically convert your videos to the correct format that the iPhone/iPad can play easily. Trust us, if you like to watch a bunch of movies on your iDevice, this will save you a whole lot of trouble.

    User Interface and Functionality

    Clean and minimalistic design: The app interface is pleasing to look at and the clean design elements make it a breeze to get used to.

    Sorting is made easy and intuitive:. You can readily find large sized files that are hogging your space by sorting by file size. Or delete/modify just your photos by sorting by file type. The interface is natural and organic, helping you find the desired options quickly.

    Drag-and-Drop feature: It works across the board, so you can transfer files with as little effort as a click.

    The Limitations

    • The app doesn’t automatically recognise a device when it’s connected. Sometimes when the device doesn’t show up, we had to disconnect and connect the device again. So that’s a little cumbersome to deal with.
    • The app auto-updates when connected to the net and there’s no way of skipping the update for later. You have to update the app before you can use it. That really frustrated us, because if the update comes when you’re working through a hotspot or on a restricted wifi, then you’ll definitely be in a spot of bother!
    • If and when you do update the app, it downloads and overwrites the old app. Which, technically, is not exactly an update. It’s a tiresome and lengthy process, and there’s always an outside chance that your preferences will not get carried over.

    In Summary

    It has a lot of ground to cover for being the number one app in the market. However, it’s better than most of its competition. It’s certainly far better than iTunes. But it’s still not very functional in its current form. Perhaps over the next few iterations, we’ll see the inclusion of some of the much-needed features it’s currently missing.

    Special Offer!

    One lifetime licence (single user) for this software costs $59.95. However, if you order through us, you get a special discount of $30!. And you can use the product on 2 Macs!

    So basically, you’ll pay only $29.95 to get the software (lifetime version) for 2 Macs with 50% off.

    Simply go to this link and use the coupon code MEDIASP295LT while buying the app.

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