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    Mac Mail issues

    Mail Keeps Opening Automatically, Mac Users Complain

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    Kshitija Agrawal
    Kshitija Agrawal Jul 1, 2020

    There’s a bug going around on the macOS Mail app that’s been affecting a lot of users for quite a few years now. The issue is that, for some users, the Mail keeps opening automatically on the Mac even while they’re working on other applications. 

    Chances are that if you have a Mac and are logged in on Mail with your Gmail account, you’ve faced this issue but ignored it. I know I did! But recently software engineer Philipp Defner shared on Reddit that he, too, was facing this issue that caused the Mail app to become the foremost app on your screen and brought attention to the bug once again.

    What’s the issue?

    The issue lies in the fact that the Apple Mail window keeps popping up whenever you’re working in other applications. Either it simply pops up on the whole screen or, if you’re in full screen, it takes up one-half of your screen in the split-screen mode. This bug, which has been present with no patch as yet since at least macOS 10.12, seems to be related to a syncing or connectivity issue caused by Gmail in the Mail app.

    How do I stop Mail from opening automatically on my Mac?

    Unfortunately, you can’t! For now, users seem to be experimenting with different solutions by themselves. Since the issue seems to lie in Gmail, some users are suggesting removing those emails from the Mail app for the time being. Another possible solution is to close the app itself when you’re not using it, which is what I’m personally doing for the time being.

    However, neither of these solutions are viable for the long run, so let’s hope we’re able to get some solutions soon, whether from Apple or otherwise.

    Till then, if you’re facing this issue, you could try keeping your Mail minimised in the Dock as that seemed to have worked for some users. If the issue persists and gets annoying (which it’s bound to), the best solution would probably be to quit the app entirely when you’re not using it. Does your Mail keep opening automatically on Mac as well? If so, what are your hacks for dealing with this issue? Hit us up in the comments!

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    1. eli says:

      The best solution is to open a new desktop and keep your mail app in there

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