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    The New Macbook is Either Perfect or Useless for You

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    Varun Bhatia
    Varun Bhatia Aug 11, 2015

    It’s ridiculously thin. Looks smashing in Space Gray. Has gorgeous edge-to-edge Retina display. And the Innovative Force Touch trackpad. Everything about the new Macbook (Yes, it’s just called Macbook. Just that. MACBOOK) is so drool-worthy. If only it was meant for everyone. Sigh!

    Perfect for Some

    If you are a casual user with deep pockets, buying this Macbook is a pretty straightforward decision. By ‘casual’ I mean people with laptop usage limited to browsing the internet, working on Microsoft Office files, emailing and using light apps like Skype, Reminders etc. For you guys, this is the Angelina Jolie of laptops.

    Three Killer Features

    As light as ‘Air’– Weighing less than a kilogram, the MacBook is more like an iPad than a laptop. Its compact 12-inch size and unreal 13.1mm thickness makes the older brother MacBook Air seem bulky in comparison.

    Oh! The beautiful screen – Apple has managed the amazing feat of adding Retina quality to an ultra thin screen. And with the new edge-to-edge display, the Macbook’s screen is absolutely stunning.

    It’s a showstopper – If you like to flaunt your gadgets, you’ll love the attention this Macbook gets. The colours and styling give it an unmistakable flair. This device is designed to be envied.

    Useless for Others

    When it comes to pro users like me, the new Macbook – with its high cost, limited power, and laughable two ports – just doesn’t suffice. Portability is of no use if Photoshop is laggy. Super thin design is cool, but carrying around multiple connectors is no fun. Basically, the attractiveness of this Macbook doesn’t compensate for its lack of usability.

    Three Deal Killers

    Dude! Where are my ports? Apple is notorious abruptly discarding connectivity options (like they did with DVD drives), but stripping down the Macbook to a single port is ridiculous. Forget dedicated HDMI or Mini Display ports, you can’t even plug the charger and a USB device at the same time. Sorry Apple! That’s more than I am willing to sacrifice for style.

    Power failure – Macbook’s 1.1 to 1.3 GHz Intel Core M processors are decent but when you consider the  Macbook Pro’s 2.2 to 31 GHz power, it’s like comparing a Honda to the Mini Cooper. RAM is also restricted to 8GB (Macbook Pros go up to 16GB). The difference is too big to be ignored by professional users.

    Too much for too less – In case you are wondering why I am comparing the Macbook to its Pro siblings, it’s because they are both in the same price bracket. The new Macbook and the (older) 13-inch Retina Macbook Pro are both available in Rs. 90,000 range. While the design is definitely a big plus in this new model, everything else is too less to warrant a similar price tag.

    Bonus: Mantras of Resistance

    Apple is mischievous for adding so much sex appeal to their devices that we fanboys instinctively open our wallets and shell out an obscene amount for the object of our desire. It’s only later that we scratch our heads, wondering how we can put these expensive toys to some good use (apart from stroking our egos, that is).

    Therefore, for the sake of the pro-users community, I have decided to build a strong guard against this latest temptation. Follow these mantras of resistance, my dear friends, if you too wish to avoid being ensnared by the Macbook.

    Don’t risk the ‘Pro’ tag

    We pro users are borderline snobs. Being clubbed with casual dabblers is not good for our status. Let’s use this as a weapon to resist the new Macbook. Every time your heart says ‘This Macbook is so sexy…’, just whisper in a firm voice ‘…but it isn’t nerdy enough’.

    iPad Air = Macbook

    You already have a thin and beautiful Apple device for casual use. It’s called the iPad. Yes, it runs iOS instead of Mac OS X; but hey, you get more work out of it than most people manage to do on a laptop. So, for all intents and purposes, you already have your Macbook. Yay!

    The Apple Watch is Coming

    Apple Watch is going to be launched this year and it’s not going to be cheap. Letting go of the  Macbook will give you two benefits – you will have enough money in the bank to pick the watch model you like (unless you are looking to buy the 10 lacs plus Gold Edition). Secondly, you will feel so good about resisting one temptation, so you will be able indulge in the other guilt-free.

    Still in love with Non-Retina Macbook

    Call me old school, but I still stand by my belief that the non-Retina Macbook is the best in the market. At Rs. 54,000, it’s the lowest priced and the most customisable model by far. Some people term it as the poor man’s Macbook; I like to call it the best value Mac.

    The ‘Version One’ Rule

    Every pro user should follow the version one rule. It states that you should never buy the first version of any product. It’s invariably overpriced and underpowered. This Macbook will soon replace the Macbook Air lineup, and in doing so, it will check the acceptable price and processor speeds columns. Wait for it.

    To summarise, the new Macbook is God sent for casual users, but has glaring loopholes in professional usage. We need to patiently wait for this trophy device to mature into a robust work machine. Ironically, the tagline of Macbook itself sums up the situation – ‘Years ahead’.

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