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    Gear Up for Exciting New Features for Instagram on iPhone

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    Amit Srivatsa
    Amit Srivatsa Mar 9, 2018

    Instagram is seeing a major overhaul for its messaging platform, Instagram Direct, where it is trying to simplify its messaging features. The famous photo-sharing app has recently released a new update on the AppStore, bringing the version number up to 35.0.

    The newly introduced features will enable users to classify conversations by starring a specific chat backed-up with new search filters. Your messages on Instagram Direct can now be segregated into ‘Inbox’, ‘Unread’, and ‘Starred’. The user will be able to filter chats to find a conversation quickly, with the help of new search filters. A ‘Star’ icon appears on the upper right-hand corner, where you will be able to mark the chat as your favourite. Although the location was previously dedicated for a video call button, it has now been shifted to the user info section, where you can also mute the conversation. Moreover, the aesthetic of the UI (User Interface) can change course anytime since the feature is still under development. Besides, Instagram is also working to support Stickers in direct messages. However, these updates are only available for iOS as of now.

    Additionally, an exciting new feature is the ‘download data option’ in the settings menu. This lets you download all the photos that were shared on Instagram. This appears as a separate page called ‘download your data’, wherein the user can request to download the information. You can e-mail the Zip file of all your archives through Instagram, a feature similar to that available on Facebook. Since the elements are currently in development, there is still no timeframe on when these features will be live.

    Apart from this, another finding shows that Instagram is coming up with a portrait mode feature. In a report by the TechCrunch, an APK (Android Application Package) version of Instagram has found a portraiture mode in the Instagram Stories option. As of now, Instagram shows ‘boomerang’ and ‘superzoom’ among other options. This is expected to give portrait mode photographs with various effects such as blurred, bokeh, or other lighting effects.

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