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    The Wait is Over! Apple’s Wireless Keyboard and Magic Mouse Now Available in Space Gray

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    Varun Bhatia
    Varun Bhatia Mar 28, 2018

    Apple held its educational ‘field trip’ event in Chicago on Tuesday. And along with the star of the show, new iPad with Apple Pencil support, a range of new software features were also announced along with some exciting updates. Some of which include the updated the iWork for iOS increased free iCloud Storage for students, updates for Clip and GarageBand on the new iOS with educational features. Cook and the crew also announced ‘Classroom’ and ‘SchoolWork’ Applications for Educators.

    All in all, Apple made a handful of major announcements but missed out on the coolest of them all. I mean yes, a new iPad is always big news, but outside of the event, Apple quietly did something much more significant. That’s right, those space gray iMac Pro accessories that everyone wanted, but no one could buy has finally been made available to the general public on Apple’s website.

    Hear the floor thundering underneath you? Well that’s the sound of Apple’s faithful flocking to their nearest store and screaming

    The new iMac Pro is already too cool to handle and when paired with these drool-worthy space grey accessories…. Well, let’s just say it was worth the wait. Because, apart from showing everyone (and my dog) that you are a real cool nerd, the black keys won’t get as grubby as it used to.

    And because this is Apple, so you do have to pay for all that extra black ink for darker colors. The space gray keyboard costs $149, while the silver version is at $129 and space gray magic mouse will set you back by $99 and the silver version is $79.

    When Apple first announced the space gray accessories, they were only available for the new iMac Pro. And in case you wanted to buy replacements, you had to provide Apple with a valid serial number to prove that you were cool enough to qualify. And the sellers on those second-hand markets went nuts. At one point the accessories were selling for over $1500 on eBay. Thankfully, the period of oppression is over! So long shady eBay sellers!

    That is not all

    Apple also introduced new spring colors for iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus, and iPhone X that are bright and fitting for … spring. The silicon cases for iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus are now available in Red Raspberry, Lemonade and denim. The leather cases, on the other hand are available in Bright Orange, Spring Yellow, Electric Blue and Soft Pink.

    The iPhone X’s Leather Folio is available in Electric Blue and Soft Pink; those same two colors join Spring Yellow and Bright Orange in the new iPhone X Leather Case lineup.

    Apple also introduced some new colors for the existing iPad Pro accessories, though they focus mostly on the accessories. The standard smart cover now comes in Red Raspberry and Lemonade, whereas the Leather Smart cover comes in Electric Blue and Soft Pink. The leather Sleeve which holds both your iPad Pro and the Apple pencil was also updated with new Electric blue and Soft Pink color options similar to the Apple Pencil Case.

    All these new colors are now available to order and can be bought in the Apple Stores beginning March 30.

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