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    MS Office 2016 for Mac Gets Important Updates

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    Varun Bhatia
    Varun Bhatia Jan 10, 2016

    The latest installment of Microsoft Office for Mac isn’t drastically different from the 2011 version. I think that’s why many users (including the team at AppleSutra) haven’t really bothered to upgrade it. 

    Well, that’s not sitting very well with Microsoft and they’ve decided to give us a good reason to change our mind. How exactly are they doing that? By adding a bunch of impressive features with their recent software update. Now, we’re interested; very, very interested.

    To begin with, Outlook goes fullscreen!

    This means you can now use Outlook in the split screen mode and place it side-by-side with any other full-screen app. For those of us who use Outlook, this is a real blessing. Thank-you Microsoft!

    Other updates include:

    • Word can now save PDF files to external flash drives directly.
    • OneNote has been granted access (and support) to the shapes gallery
    • In Excel and PowerPoint, you now have new selection panels that help keep track of objects you are inserting into your documents.

    The update, which was released on Wednesday is version 15.18.0 and is available for download through app update. The list of updates might be small but these are very useful additions and definitely a step in the right direction. 

    So if you are Office 2016 user then go ahead and install the update, and do write to us about your experiences — both positive and negative!

    And if, like us, you have been sitting on the fence, this update might be the nudge we need to choose one side over the other. What say?

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