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    pilot drops iphone runway

    AirDropped, Quite Literally: Pilot Drops iPhone on the Runway and It Still Works!

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    Adnan Nensey
    Adnan Nensey Dec 5, 2021

    You know AirDrop, which lets us wirelessly share content across other Apple devices. But did you know about this pilot flying a Seminole aircraft, who had an actual AirDropped moment? Yup, apparently a pilot dropped his iPhone on the runway from a moving plane. And guess what? We’re lucky enough that audio captured the hilarious moment air traffic control agents picked it up!

    When ATC Recovers Miraculously Working iPhone

    A hilarious moment engulfed the Orlando Executive Airport when air traffic control staff discovered a pilot had dropped an iPhone on the runway from a moving plane. The ATC alerted ground staff, who then went on to recover the dropped iPhone.

    Now, trolls often target Apple users for the delicate build on our expensive iPhones. However, the iPhone found on the runway fell from an aeroplane reportedly doing 50mph, around 80kmph. Much to everyone’s surprise, the iPhone was in perfect working condition.

    VASAviation released the audio on YouTube, and apart from hearing the hilarious conversation between the air traffic controller and the ground staff, reading the comments has cracked me up. For instance, one user commented, “The runway would’ve been closed for maintenance if it had been a Nokia 3310.

    Nevertheless, it’s not the first time the iPhone has proved to be a durable smartphone, and we hope we keep seeing these kinds of miraculous stories. And I’m sure the pilot who dropped his iPhone on the runway must have felt equally surprised and relieved to have found his Apple smartphone in working condition!

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