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How To Reset Apple AirPods

Since their launch, Apple’s AirPods have had a lot going on for them. They are ultra portable, making it easy to boss around Siri, are easy to lose, sound great, look weird AF and are super expensive. Well, that pretty much sums it up! But, as it is with all things electronics, your beloved AirPods can also go wonky too.

Yeah, you can gasp all you want, but it’s true! Be it battery issues or pairing problems or other quirks, one day or the other, you will be dealing with just one (if you’re lucky) or all of these problems! And when that day comes there’s only one foolproof way to save your AirPods – factory reset them. Troubleshooting gives them a clean start with your paired devices, and it only takes a couple of minutes. Here’s how you can do it

Connect Manually

If the automatic connection doesn’t work, try connecting your AirPods manually.

  1. Put your AirPods in your ears and open the control center
  2. Tap on the ‘Now Playing’ widget to expand it.
  3. Press ‘AirPlay’
  4. If all is well with the world, then you should be able to see a list of devices to connect with your AirPods. Tap and voila! You’re matched and connected.

Reset Via Case

If your Apple AirPods are still DOA, here’s another way you can reset them before going cuckoo.

  1. Find the round button at the back of your AirPods case
  2. Press and hold the AirPods until you see a bright white light flashing inside the case.
  3. The light means that your AirPods have been cleansed from all the negativity. JK! All it indicates is that your AirPods have been successfully reset and are ready to pair.

Reset Via iPhone

If you’re too fly for that ‘Press and hold for 10-sec’ business, you can rely on your iPhone to do the job.

  1. Go to the Settings Menu and peruse through the Bluetooth section
  2. Tap the ‘i’ button that’s shown next to your AirPods
  3. Select ‘Forget This Device’ and confirm.
  4. This will un-pair your AirPods and give them a chance to pair again and make it work.

Apple’s AirPods is all the rage right now and yes they are amazing, but they aren’t perfect. From call drops to pairing issues to basic audio woes, there’s a lot that can go wrong with any pair of wireless earbuds — even those from Apple. And while in the ideal world it shouldn’t happen, but if it does, well, now you know what to do. And, if you continue to face trouble with your AirPods even after troubleshooting them, take em for a checkup at the service centers and let the experts take a look.  

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