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    A Moment of Silence for All the Lost AirPods – 33 to Be Exact

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    There’s a shameful secret all AirPods owners try their best to keep hidden. Those tiny earbuds in their neat little cases are just too damn prone to getting lost. Now, thankfully, I’ve never lost AirPods before (though my earbuds have, in fact, fallen out of my ears multiple times). However, as the price tag of the AirPods flashes through my head, I always remind myself to be more careful because I do not have spare change lying around.

    The same cannot be said for Kim Namjoon (or RM), the leader of the much-loved South Korean group BTS. He’s currently on his 34th pair of AirPods (since we’ve last heard from him on the issue) because he clearly has the money to blow up

    This story unfolded when the rapper was talking to his fans on a live broadcast, where he laughingly explained that he had already lost 33 pairs of AirPods because he kept forgetting where he put them.

    Of course, fans quickly did the calculations.


    This reminds me of the classic Chrissy Teigen tweet about her mom that had Twitter in an uproar.

    Well, while she and RM can afford this lifestyle, we might just have to stick to our moments of panic and despair when we can’t spot our precious earbuds. Or when we drop them on metro tracks like New Yorkers are wont to do.

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