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    Galaxy Buds Take on AirPods in the Fight for Earbuds Supremacy

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    Team Applesutra
    Team Applesutra Aug 3, 2019

    Samsung has launched its Galaxy buds, and the one unrivalled Apple product in the market just got some tough competition. Who will win the Galaxy Buds VS AirPods fight?

    The Galaxy Buds were announced during Samsung’s new launch event. Intended to be Samsung’s own version of Apple’s AirPods, the Galaxy Buds will be available in the market come March 7. And all those who pre-ordered a Galaxy 10 or S10 will be getting a free pair of Galaxy Buds. Pretty neat deal, huh?

    And for those of you who’d like some more details before you make up your mind about either of these thingamajigs, here you go.


    So, let’s start by talking about the price because to worry about the rest of the features, you should first be able to afford these earphones. Here, the Galaxy Buds win because, once they launch, they’re going to retail at Rs. 9,990 as compared to the AirPods’ price of Rs. 12,900. Not a huge margin, but Samsung is still cheaper.


    The AirPods case is slightly slimmer and smaller than the one for the Galaxy Buds, not by a remarkable amount but, since we’re living in an age where it’s all about flatter and thinner and sleeker, I guess every centimeter counts.

    As for charging the cases, the Galax Buds have a decided advantage as their case can be charged using a USB-C cable or wirelessly charged using any Qi-certified charger, a feature that still remains a rumour in the Apple universe. The AirPods, on the hand, can only be charged using a lightning cable and wireless charging is anticipated to become a feature this year, but who knows if it’ll actually happen.

    One of the best features of the Galaxy Buds’ cases is the fact that they have a tiny light that lights up when they’re charging, a feature that the AirPods cases are sorely in need of.


    When it comes to compatibility, both are winners depending on what phone you’re using them with. The AirPods have better compatibility with iPhones, while the Galaxy Buds favour Android products. The AirPods contain a W1 chip making it incredibly easy to pair them with any device that has your Apple ID set up on it, and also to customize them from your Phone’s Bluetooth menu. It’s expected that the Galaxy Buds will work similarly with Androids, but when you use them cross-brand, they pair as any other Bluetooth device.


    Here too, both earbuds have their own pluses and minus. Each has a different set of tap commands- with the Galaxy Buds all you have to do to play/pause your music is tap your bud once, and boom! As for changing songs, if you tap a bud twice, it’ll skip ahead to the next song, while three taps will take you back to the previous sound. When it comes to calling upon Siri or Bixby, holding down the buds does the trick. But while these commands are convenient, they lack the ease with which AirPod commands can be customized through your iPhone’s Bluetooth menu; want to tap once on the right bud to play/pause, while one tap on the left one skips a song? You can do it all with AirPods.

    But to be quite honest, as with the compatibility, the earphone to come out on top depends on what operating system you’re using them with. AirPods are the clear winner for iOS users, while Android users are going to be happier with the Galaxy Buds.


    So with this point, if you look at it on the surface, Galaxy Buds win with their 6 hours of battery life over the AirPods’ 5 hours. But delve deeper and you’ll find that the AirPods actually emerge victorious as the AirPods cases carry up to 19 hours of additional power, and when compared to the Galaxy Bud cases with their 7 measly hours of power, the AirPods can obviously last you longer at a stretch without having to recharge your case.

    Sound and Microphone Quality

    Here’s where the AirPods come out the clear winner. The AirPods have amazing sound quality. The Galaxy Buds, on the other hand,  lack bass and create so much extra sound that the small details of most songs get lost. As for the microphone, there is really no contest between the two, especially if you take calls on the move or outdoors.

    So if you’re extremely devoted to sound quality, we’d say shell out the extra cash and get yourself a pair of AirPods instead of spending 9000 bucks on Galaxy Buds.


    When it comes to fit, you either love the AirPods or you hate them as they only come in one size and shape which sometimes doesn’t work well with a lot of people’s ears. The Galaxy Buds, however, come with interchangeable rubber buds for the ear tips and the wingtips. So, when it comes to matters of comfort, the Galaxy Buds take the cake.


    Well, this point pretty much writes itself. The AirPods come in standard white while the Galaxy Buds come in white, black and yellow. Need we elaborate on the winner of this round?

    So, the final verdict? The AirPods win for us, cause after all their main purpose is listening to music and taking calls, so when there’s sound quality in their favor, no other argument can really hold up against them. But that’s just us. Who do you think is the winner of the Galaxy Buds vs AirPods competition?

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