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    Hate to Be the Bearer of Bad News But Apple’s Increased Prices for all AirPods

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    If you’ve been thinking of getting your hands on a new pair of AirPods, this might make you reconsider. Just when Indian Apple fans were expecting price decreases as the company began significant production in the country, Apple put a price hike India on all the AirPods its selling in India. Before you go cursing the company, the culprit is very likely the increased customs duties on headphones and speakers.

    Effective Price After Hike on Apple AirPods in India

    The price has increased between 5-10% for Apple’s second and third-generation AirPods, AirPods Pro, and the AirPods Max. The current prices stand at ₹14,100, ₹20,500, ₹26,300, and ₹66,100, respectively.

    Will this affect other Apple products?

    If the price hike on Apple’s much-loved AirPods was indeed due to the customs duty increase on speakers and headphones in India, then no, it’s not likely. But if Apple is increasing the already high product prices in general, we might have a problem on our hands, folks.

    What are your thoughts on the price hike? Will the current prices deter you from buying yourself a new pair of Apple AirPods? Don’t forget we’re likely getting new AirPods Pro towards the end of 2022 👀. Tell us in the comments below.

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