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    The Lost AirPod and Its Journey Through the Dark Tunnel

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    Team Applesutra
    Team Applesutra Sep 20, 2019

    For those who are still arguing whether AirPods are water-resistant or not, we got news. Courtesy one unfortunate Taiwanese guy who lost his AirPods, we know that AirPods are definitely stomach-proof!

    Here Goes the Story of the Lost AirPods

    One unlucky day, Ben Hsu woke up and noticed that one of his AirPods is missing. He looked for it everywhere – under the blanket, inside the cupboards, even the fridge. Alas! It was nowhere. He used the Find My iPhone app to track it down. It kept beeping, and he noticed that the sound followed him around the room. And that’s when it struck him, the blunder he made. The lost AirPod WAS IN HIS STOMACH, AND IT WAS WORKING.

    Although he doesn’t remember how he managed to swallow an AirPod, he did remember to rush to the hospital. And doctors confirmed it was there in his stomach. Miraculously, he did not experience any discomfort. X-rays revealed Hsu’s AirPod was working as it made through his dark digestive tract. He would have needed surgery if it didn’t come out ‘naturally.’ But doctors sent him home with laxatives, hoping for the best.

    The Gods Were On The Boy’s Side

    (Warning: This part of the story gets a little disgusting.)      

    After the dramatic hospital visit, Hsu resumed his everyday routine. However, he had to keep inspecting his faeces for the lost AirPod. The next day, while on his way to work, he had to take a dump at a train station. There on the pot, relieving himself, Hsu found the lost AirPod. And God bless Tim Cook and team for their design and technology. After spending more than a day in the human digestive tract, Airpod was still working and had 41% battery. Honestly, he should have tossed it in the dustbin instead of putting it in his ear. But, when you spend $160 on wireless earbuds and you are not Richie Rich, you can’t really afford to do that.

    Oh, Deja Vu! The story sounds so similar to the engagement ring Ross gave to Emily. The only difference being that the ring spent more than 24 hours in a duck’s intestine.   

    The AirPod’s protective plastic coating saved Hsu from any severe damage to his intestine. This was testified the emergency room doctor who treated him. For Hsu, the whole experience was ‘magical,’ but we doubt Apple will ever use his story on its customer review page. It does make you wonder though about how much better AirPods 2 are and what all they can go through.

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