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    RightTap: India’s First Universal Customer Care App!

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    Amit Srivatsa
    Amit Srivatsa Jun 7, 2016

    If cricket is our national pastime, customer care is our national frustration. We deal with many brands every day and none of them come close to giving a truly satisfying experience. It’s such an irony because with all the BPOs we have in India, we literally are the world’s customer care hub.

    I think it’s an institutional problem — the brands either don’t understand or just don’t care about customer satisfaction. Creating a good product is not enough; marketing it fiercely is not enough either. You need to back all that up with service that prioritises the customer.

    Thankfully, not everyone is that ignorant. There are brands continuously striving to improve the experience of the end user. One such product is RightTap.

    RightTap is a mobile app that aggregates customer services

    It’s an innovative concept and very relevant to the modern customer. We are firefighting some problem or the other almost every other day. Which means, we are on call with customer care every other day. Which, in turn, means that we have to download their apps on our phone or storing their numbers in our contact list.

    RightTap lets you put all your brands in one place. No need for separate apps and no need to store their numbers in your address book. Just add your brands into RightTap and you can reach out to the customer care from within the app. It not only saves time by aggregating all the brands in one place, it also has a bunch of other features to help you with various problems you might face trying to contact customer care. These include, but are not limited to:

    Visual IVR for customer care menu

    Lets you deconstruct incomprehensible IVR numbers into visually accessible tabs so that you can easily navigate the maze of customer care!! The app can also remember what options you chose the last time you interacted with a particular brand and lets you jump to the same option directly! So cool!

    Call back feature

    Lets you choose a time to receive a call back from the company. Especially useful when you’re 17th in the waiting line. Just pick up a time when you’re gonna be free and hang up. The brands will call you back themselves!

    Large number of brands on board

    I think that’s their main strength. The sheer number of brands they offer on RightTap is amazing. You will be able to find most famous brands here. The fact that the app encompasses so many industries really makes our lives so much easier.

    Find local outlets/services stations

    This feature lets you find the outlet of the brand you’re dealing with. Sometimes a lot of things need to be sorted out by personally meeting an agent. RightTap lets you do that with just a tap. Of course, the feature is constrained by the brand actually having a local office in your vicinity, however, that doesn’t make this any less useful.

    There’s more to come …

    What RightTap does is just scratch at the surface. The services problem is so deep rooted that this is nearly not enough. The real change has to come from the companies themselves. However, this is a step in the right direction, and we hope that a lot more brands take the satisfaction of the end user more seriously. Until such time, however, you can definitely download this innovative app and save yourself the hassle of frustrating customer care calls!!

    My Experience with RightTap

    I have been using RightTap for almost a month now. During this time, I had had to contact various customer care agents. At first, I didn’t think the app would be very useful, but as I used it a couple of time, I found the app growing on me. The power of the app lies in reconnecting you to the agents, because none of our queries get resolved in the first time anyway!

    So when you want to call back the agency trying to follow up on your status, the app really does a good job then. You don’t have to go through the entire process again, just one single tap, and you’re good to go!

    There are of course a couple of glitches which make the experience a bit … um … jarry. However, this is just the first version. We’ve been in touch with the developers and they have promised us that the next version is going to be a lot more stable and glitch-free. The upcoming versions are going to have even more features. So we definitely recommend it.

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