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    How to Save Snapchat Photos (Secretly)

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    Disclaimer: This method is a bit cumbersome, requiring both effort as well as brains. If you’re a lazy-ass no do-gooder, you might not be willing to go to all this trouble. To such people we recommend “Don’t try to use this method”. And if you should try and are not able to pull it off, please don’t leave comments like “u R a suCKs!”, for us. Consider yourself suitably warned.

    Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s get down to business.

    Snapchat hit the (proverbial) gold when it came up with the idea of vanishing images. You can receive them, you can see them, but you can’t store them. Not unless you take a screenshot.

    But if you do, this app sends the person you’re chatting with a notification that you’ve taken a screenshot. And suddenly the world knows what a pervert you are!

    Not cool, Snapchat, not cool at all.

    Is there no way out, then? No backdoor tactic that would let you save the snaps sent to you without laying your dark soul bare for the world to see?

    Turns out, there is. Here’s what you need to do.

    1. When you get a snap (or snaps) you want to take screenshots of, DO NOT open them. Instead swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone screen to pull up your Control Center.

    2. Click on the “small airplane” to activate the Airplane Mode.

    3. Swipe down to dismiss Control Center.

    4. Now open the snap you received, and take the screenshot.
    (To take a screenshot, press the Home and Sleep/Wake button together). A white flash will appear on the screen indicating that you’ve captured the screen.

    5. Now go the main Snapchat screen (from where you take pictures) and tap on the little ghost in the center.

    6. You should now see a little gear icon in the upper right to go to your Snapchat settings. Tap on it and go all the way down the menu to where there is a “Log Out” option.

    7. Force Quit the Snapchat app. (Double click the Home Button and swipe up the app card from your screen).
    Turn off Airplane Mode.

    8. Turn on the wifi (or the Data) and then log back into Snapchat.

    If you have done all this correctly, the snaps you received will still look unopened and nobody will ever know what you just did. (And you’ll end up feeling like you just pulled off an Italian Job!)

    We debated a great deal before making this post. We didn’t want to promote information that could lead to the infringement of someone’s privacy. However, we decided that it not our prerogative to censor information.

    What you do with that information is on you, not us. So use this wisely, and don’t get into any trouble. Remember, there’s no AppleSutra in jail!

    Images courtesy of CultOfMac.

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