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iphone home button fail

What Happens When iPhone 7’s Home Button Fails?

With the launch of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, Apple has done away with the classic click-mechanism home button in favor of a “solid-state” pressure sensitive one that uses haptic feedback to mimic traditional button presses. This haptic engine, which Apple prefers to call the Taptic engine, responds to touches with subtle vibrations, giving the experience of movement. Read more


What Apple – Flipkart Partnership Means for the Indian Market

Flipkart needs absolutely no introduction. Best known for their whacky ads and online sales that garner attention for all the wrong reasons (remember the debacle last year), this e-commerce site has made news yet again. In a first of its kind move, Flipkart has joined hands with Apple to sell the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in India.  Read more


Apple Gearing Up for the Festive Season in India

October 7 is going to be a special day for all Apple lovers across the country because they’ll finally be able to get their hands on a new iPhone 7 or 7 Plus. And seeing how the weeks leading up to Diwali see a furious amount of shopping in India, I’d say Apple has got it spot on with their launch date! Read more


Just How Good is iPhone 7’s Display?

When Apple unveiled the iPhone 7 last month, the focus was on features like the new home button, the jet black finish, ‘new’ design and its drastically improved camera. Team Apple also spent ample time talking about its decision to remove the headphone jack and the new Mario game. But the thing that stood out for me was the new display. Read more


What Exactly Does ‘Water Resistant iPhone 7’ Mean?

Yes, Apple’s iPhone 7 is officially water resistant now. iPhone 6s was also water resistant, but Apple never marketed it as such since it didn’t want to make a false claim. After all, when have you ever heard Apple flaunt a feature unless they were fully confident about it?

So, how water resistant are the new iPhone and Apple Watch exactly? And is it the same as “waterproof”? Read more


iPhone 7 is Not Without its Share of Problems

Before its launch, iPhone 7 was subjected to endless speculation and a whole lot of anticipation. And while the fanboys are claiming that the lastest iPhone has lived up to the expectations, critics are complaining that there isn’t ‘enough’ newness in the new model.  Read more


Apple AirPods – The Complete Guide

Along with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, Apple also introduced the AirPods at the September event. Apple thinks that the future of iPhone lies in wireless Bluetooth headphones and the AirPods are a glimpse of that.

So, what exactly are the Apple AirPods and where do they stand in the not so wireless-ready present? Read more