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    TunesKit iPhone Recovery For Windows: The Savior You Needed!

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    Team Applesutra
    Team Applesutra Aug 20, 2019

    That sleek new iPhone you got for your birthday, with all the whims and fancies (FYI, that touch bar is to die for!) needs more protection from unexpected crashes than occasionally saving it on the cloud.

    You need a backup hard drive from which you can recover your data. Because honestly, who has the time and patience to reinstall the iOS and those apps you ‘can’t live without’!

    Great right? But, if you’re unlucky enough, that plan will go for a toss too, and you’ll be left with nothing but dust!

    So, what’s it going to take to recover your lost data? A sacrifice to the Greek Gods? An ode to the west wind? Reciting Beowulf in one go? Apparently, none of the above! 

    Thank god for the slick data recovery software TunesKit iPhone Recovery Software. The good news for all you weirdos out there – it works even if you own a Windows laptop and an iPhone. FYI, you guys are tipping the balance of the universe! Just Saying. And I’m stating the obvious here, but the TunesKit iPhone Recovery Software works just fine if you’ve got an iPhone and a Mac!

    And before you lose your shit, TunesKit restores 20 different types of data including contacts, SMS, iMessages, photos, videos, notes, calls, WhatsApp history, voice memos, Safari bookmarks, reminders, calendars, and so forth. 

    Moving on, here are some cool features you can drool over:

    Easy to use UI

    Wondering which computer language you’ll have to learn to restore it all? None! TunesKit’s easy to use UI makes data recovery a dream! All you have to do is connect your device, and you are all set! 

    Encrypted backups? No Problem

    TunesKit is here to restore your faith and data. And it shall do so even if it means getting past encrypted backups. Yup, you got that right, this magical software is fully capable of restoring data from an encrypted cloud backup.

    Offers a preview 

    Got some unwanted stuff in your data? TunesKit gives you an option to preview all the restorable files and allows you to pick the ones you want and bin the ones you don’t. Customized data recovery, how cool is that! 

    100% safe restoration

    This one’s for the paranoid souls out there. All the data recovered will be prim and proper, no corrupted files, overwritten documents, etc.

    Free updates to last a lifetime

    Free software updates to support your OS for life! TunesKit is already compatible with the latest iOS 12 and with free updates, compatibility will never be a problem. Need I say more? Talk about cost-effectiveness!

    Time to learn the steps that lead to the path of (data) recovery!

    • Begin your journey towards data restoration by downloading TunesKit iPhone Data Recovery for Windows. Duh!
    • Next obvious step, finish the installation and connect your iPhone to the laptop with a USB cable. 
    • A pop-up will appear on your iPhone asking you to trust the software and give access to the data on your phone. Ain’t that sweet? Well, then what are you waiting for? Tap the ‘Trust’ button.
    • Now, double click the ‘TunesKit iPhone Data Recovery for Windows’ icon on the computer to launch the software
    • Next, choose ‘Recover from iOS’ mode from the main menu, and it’ll automatically detect your iPhone 
    • Now, if you’re in a mood to sort through your lost and found, hit scan. The ‘Scan and Preview’ feature will… ahem… scan all the data on your iPhone. After the scan is over, you are given the rare opportunity to select the files and documents you wish to restore to their former glory. 
    • Once you’ve chosen the files you want to bring back from the bin, click the ‘Recover’ button and voila! Your pile of crap is back!

    Okay folks, here’s some bitter truth. Data loss can happen to anyone at any time. It can be a software bug, a virus, or our stupidity that leads to such a mishap. And yet data recovery is not something we usually ponder over until we lose our data and our mind. So, the moral of the article is, try and be prepared for data loss in advance, but if you won’t, coz lazy lamhe, then don’t freak out! TunesKit got your back.  

    So the moral is – be reckless, be carefree, be young and wild and free! 

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