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    TV shows like Squid Game

    Squid Game Got You Craving? You’ll Like These TV Shows Too

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    It’s so simple. Play a game, win the prize, right? But oh, the level of entertainment and the range of emotions Squid Game evoked. I laughed, I cried, I became thoroughly invested. But what do you do when such a global phenomenon hits a pause? You fill the void by watching other similar series. So, if you’re looking for recommendations, I have a few mind-blowing TV shows like Squid Game for you. Buckle up, because these binge-worthy shows are a package of melodrama, satire, thrill, and humour.

    Sense 8

    Something caused eight people around the globe to become connected to each other through their consciousness. They share each other’s memories, pain, knowledge, and skills as they try to figure out what caused their link. In the meantime, they discover that a mysterious organisation is hunting to wipe out their kind. 

    The series skillfully weaves in issues like homophobia, gang violence, drug abuse, and trauma, and yet manages to get the viewers hoping for a better future. The two-season Netflix special is dark yet optimistic. The character portrayals are fitting, with natural performances and preserved cultural identities, and the set locations are simply stunning.


    Netflix’s first Brazilian original, this show is a lot like Squid Game, just not in English (of course!). It’s set in a post-apocalyptic dystopian world where the world is divided into two social segments: the elite living offshore and the impoverished in the inland. When the inlanders turn 20, they have the opportunity to fight their way to the privileged side in the Process. The challenging competition constantly tests the emotional, mental, and physical strengths of the participants. Only 3% of the participants can make it through alive.

    This survival series delves into the grey areas and is driven by a strong socio-economic narrative, compelling backstories of the characters, and gripping twists and turns.

    Black Mirror

    Twisted, chaotic, and sharp, the most terrifying element of this show is the realisation that human beings are capable of going to any length to serve their selfish agenda. The show suggests that the advancement of technology presents new opportunities for the powerful lot in the society to oppress those without, but never puts the blame on technology.

    With every new episode, this six-time Emmy winning series explores diverse scenarios on how technology can backfire, and how the characters triumph. The episodes, in general, aren’t linked to one another, so you can just pick any to start with. But, if you watch them in order, you’ll surely enjoy the easter eggs the writers have thrown in.

    The 100

    Twelve disbanded space stations flocked together and have been orbiting the Earth for ninety-seven years. The unified spacecraft, the Ark, has been home to the last survivors of a nuclear apocalypse that obliterated life on Earth. Due to the increase in population and scarcity of resources, any offence leads to the death penalty unless the delinquent is under 18 years old. As life support systems start failing, they decide to ship off 100 juveniles to earth to evaluate if the planet is habitable again.

    Running through 7 seasons, the series evolves with each season and as do the characters. Packed with suspense, teen drama, and a continual sense of urgency, the series explores the role of government in keeping order and the possibility of life without rules for young adults.

    Netflix has not yet announced the release date of Squid Game Season 2, but the wait will surely be worthwhile. In the meantime, try these TV shows that are like Squid Game (or these ones on Apple TV+) and let us know how you liked them.

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