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    Adnan Nensey
    Adnan Nensey Aug 8, 2021

    The micro-blogging website is introducing a new method for you to log in to Twitter on iOS. The iOS app’s beta version had earlier received the new method of logging in, and it’s finally here for iPhone and iPad users both! A new “Continue with Apple” option has been added for all iOS users on the Twitter app.

    Sign-in With Apple on Twitter

    Along with the regular login and “Create account” options, Twitter for iOS is now rolling out the feature to let users log in via their Apple IDs and Google accounts.

    For logging in with your Apple account, all you need to do is tap on the “Continue with Apple” option and securely create a new account using Face ID or Touch ID.

    Apple’s login option is pretty popular due to how it lets users hide their actual email IDs, and creating a new Twitter account will be no different. However, you will still need to provide your date of birth and other general information. Once you create your account, you will also be able to log in easily by authenticating via Face ID or Touch ID. The username seems to be generated based on your account name and is changeable after.

    Limitations You Should Know

    While this new option on Twitter to login on iOS with your Apple ID is great for streamlined access, there are some things you should be aware of before you do.

    For one, signing in with Apple appears to be limited to the iOS and iPadOS apps only, for now, so you won’t be able to log in anywhere else. Moreover, you don’t generate a password, so logging in traditionally with your Apple ID and password is also a no-go. Due to this, you can also expect problems changing usernames or deleting your account.

    What’s more, Apple’s support page says that disconnecting from Apple is currently available only on Web. But that’s no help if you can’t log in on Web in the first place, right?

    Well, the micro-blogging website is hopefully working on launching support for Web soon. Until then, login with Apple at your own risk!

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