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    update airtag unwanted tracking

    Upcoming Find My Update Will (Somewhat) Put an End to Unwanted AirTag Tracking

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    Adnan Nensey
    Adnan Nensey Feb 10, 2022

    AirTags, Apple’s item tracking device, have been in the news recently — for all the wrong reasons. There have been many concerns from the public and various news agencies about stalking and privacy violation due to AirTags. Thieves have been using the tracking device to steal cars, and there have been reports of public stalking as well. However, Apple’s latest press release says an upcoming update to the Find My app will end unwanted AirTag tracking.

    Find My Tracking Software Changes

    As per the press release, Apple says they will work with law enforcement units to identify the owner of the AirTag if they detect device misuse. Apple clearly states that AirTags are for tracking items and not stalking people or other unlawful activities.

    The Cupertino tech giant has made it clear that they will be updating their law enforcement documentation about the growing concerns regarding the AirTag and the Find My network. Tim Cook’s company is working on various changes that will soon be available for public release in the next Find My app update and AirTag’s firmware update.

    Find My’s New Privacy Warning Update and Alert Notifications

    Apple says that users will be able to view a privacy notification that ensures their message is clear in the next update. When users set up their AirTags, they will see a warning about appropriate usage of the tracking device. The message will also inform users about the linking of AirTags to individual Apple IDs, and that the company may share this information upon request by law enforcement agencies.

    Right now, whenever you are near a lost Apple device, you get the following alert: “Unknown Accessory Detected”. However, with future updates, users will be able to be notified with the device’s name that has come in contact with them. For example, if there is a lost AirPods, the alert will read “AirPods Pro Detected”. Similarly, if an AirTag device is found to be moving with you, the warning will read: “AirTag Found Moving With You.”

    Features Coming Soon

    After Apple releases the Find My update, users will be able to precisely locate unidentified devices through Apple’s U1 chip. While we can currently only precisely locate devices belonging to us, the next update will help locate unknown devices. This will help find hidden devices that can be used to stalk or steal. Similarly, you could take AirTags to law enforcement, and they will work with Apple to identify the AirTag owner.

    Apple’s steps towards improving privacy are noteworthy. However, most of these updates are in the development stage, and it’ll take some time before public release. We think that most of these features should have been a part of the Find My app from the beginning. Nevertheless, as long as Apple is serious about growing concerns, it’s a step in the right direction.

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