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    WhatsApp Update Gives Siri the Ability to Read-Out Your Messages

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    Amit Srivatsa
    Amit Srivatsa Apr 25, 2017

    The latest WhatsApp update for iOS brings an exciting new feature to all the iPhone users – Siri will now be able to read out the incoming messages for you!

    Till now, Siri could read the incoming messages only on Apple’s native iMessage app and a few email clients. But now, with this WhatsApp update, the world’s largest chat messenger app also gets to make use of Siri.

    This feature is especially helpful for those who have the habit of hooking up their iPhones to their car while on the drive. Siri, via the car’s Bluetooth, allows you to do most routine tasks without having to leave the steering wheel.

    Theses tasks include play/pause music, skip tracks, set reminders, send quick emails/messages, or even do a quick Google search. Siri would also read out any text messages you got while driving. Now, that feature extends to WhatsApp as well.

    All you need to do is update the app!!

    The feature works in the same way as any other Siri feature. You bring up the Siri interface and then ask Siri to “read out my last WhatsApp message.”

    “You can then choose to reply to the message by dictating it to Siri. You should also note that once Siri has read your latest messages, it won’t be able to read it again the second time,” reports Gadgets360.

    The update is roughly 90 MB in size, and the features are only available on devices that have iOS 10.3 (or higher) running on them. 


    Be careful while using this feature while in the car with your family. Siri has no filter and it will just read everything. You wouldn’t want your entire family to hear that naughty text from your boyfriend or that dirty joke from your bestie!!

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