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YouTube’s iMessage App Makes Sharing Videos a Whole Lot Easier

YouTube iMessage app

The latest update to YouTube’s app simplifies the rather cumbersome task of sharing YouTube videos with your friends. The whole process of searching a video in the YouTube app, tapping the share button, choosing Messages and then typing in a contact took an entire day just to send a damn video. Well, not anymore!

The recent YouTube update now lets you share videos seamlessly and instantly through iMessages. The best part? The recipient can view the video clip without exiting the chat window. No more “I’ll watch it later” excuses! Behold my funny cat clips collection!

All you need to do is add the YouTube app from the iMessages App Store. It will show the give you the option of searching for YouTube videos within iMessages chat window and merely clicking on a link will send it across. The recipient can just play the video in iMesssages itself.

Youtube iphone

The above screenshot shows how the YouTube icon appears in the iMessages apps. Tap on the icon to view the recently played videos, search for videos (funny cats here I come) or just click on the video to share the clips with your friends. (Stop sending workout tutorials Mom! I got the point!)

In addition to introducing the much-needed upgrade for iMessage app, the latest version 12.38 of the YouTube iOS app also offers a swipe to remove gesture for videos in your playlist. Besides that, there are some minor bug fixes as well.

A gentle reminder, the new 12.38  version of the YouTube app only works if you have iOS 9 or later and requires at least 166 Mb of storage space.

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