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2019 iPhone Xr Rumours Have Started Already

iPhone Xr 2019

After the successful launch of the iPhone Xr in 2018, it’s safe to assume that Apple will launch a 2019 version of the iPhone come September, and the rumours about its features have already started surfacing.

Along with the previously reported news of the 2019 iPhone models getting WiFi 6 support, it is also believed that the industrial design team at Cupertino is planning to introduce another significant design tweak. According to a Barclays research note, the next-generation iPhone Xr will come decked out with a 4×4 MIMO antenna design.

Basically, MIMO stands for multiple-input, multiple-output and refers to the paths through which data transmits between your iPhone and the cellular towers. And because more is always better, having 4×4 MIMO will greatly improve LTE transmission.

The current-generation iPhone Xr runs on 2×2 MIMO, while the iPhone Xs and Xs Max versions already support 4×4 MIMO. In various tests conducted by Cellular Insights and Rohde and Schwarz, LTE on Xs series iPhones has been found to be much faster, especially in areas with weak signals.

So, iPhone XR fanboys (and girls) get ready to function with supersonic speeds once you update to the new version of the iPhone Xr. And who knows, maybe Apple may be readying even more goodies to make the 2019 model a must buy.

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