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    Apple Doubles iCloud Storage With New 2TB Plan

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    Amit Srivatsa
    Amit Srivatsa Sep 4, 2016

    Just before the launch of the new iPhone 7, which is likely to start at 32 GB, Apple has announced another major upgrade to its storage plan — the 2TB iCloud Plan.

    The new plan is priced at Rs 1,300 per month in India

    The move to upgrade to the existing iCloud plan from 1 to 2 TB seems like a natural extension to the strong possibility of Apple launching the upcoming iPhone 7 with double their standard storage.

    There’s also a mathematical reason to support the storage expansion theory! As pointed out by 9to5Mac:

    The previous largest tier, 1TB, was roughly 8x larger than the largest iPhone device storage tier — 128GB: (1024/128 = 8). With the possible addition of a new 256GB iPhone SKU, a 2TB iCloud storage plan would maintain the 8x ratio: (2048/256 = 8).

    For the uninitiated, Apple offers a free iCloud plan of 5 GB when you first sign-up. After that, the plans are laid out as such:

    – 50 GB for Rs 65/month
    – 200 GB for Rs 190/month
    – 1 TB for Rs 650/month

    And now we have 2 TB for Rs 1300 a month.

    With 4K videos, Live Photos, and higher resolution pictures taking more and more space, we run out of space on our devices sooner or later. And it’s obviously not possible to have huge storage on all of our devices, that’s why the world is moving to cloud storage. How many of us actually need 2 TB of storage, however, is a different question altogether.

    For now, we’re just glad that we can upgrade if we ever need to. It’s always good to have choices.

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