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    The Amazon Apple Fest is Packed with Deals on iPhone, iPad, Macs and Apple Watch

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    The latest edition of Amazon Apple Fest is here, and this time the deals have been extended to almost all Apple products! The sale is being held from the 15th to the 21st Feb 2019. Here are some of the coolest offers available during this week:

    Quick Look

    The roundup is that you can get up to Rs. 16,000 off on iPhones, up to Rs. 15,000 off MacBooks and the deals available on the iPads and Apple Watch aren’t bad either.

    Let’s run through individual products and the easiest ways to get your hands on them real quick before you run off to the Amazon.in website.


    • The iPhone X (64 GB) is available for Rs. 74,999 as compared to its original MRP of Rs. 91,999. Click here to get it!
    • The iPhone XS Max (64 GB) is down Rs 5,000 from its original price of Rs. 109,900 and is up for grabs here for Rs. 104,900.
    • The iPhone XR (64 GB) is available here for just Rs. 67,999!
    • Next up, we have the iPhone 8 (64 GB) which can be in your hands at Rs. 57,999. Don’t miss out on this offer, click here.
    • iPhone 6 (32 GB) is back on our radars with a discounted price tag of Rs. 21,999. Check it out here to save Rs. 9,901. And if you’re more of a 6s (32 GB) person, then they’ve got that here for Rs. 26,999.


    • The 32 GB, Wi-Fi only iPad is up for grabs at Rs. 25,999.
    • The Space Grey, 10.5 inch iPad Pro is available with a price tag of Rs. 47,750. But if you’re someone who needs everything rose gold, you can save Rs. 3, 801 and get the iPad Pro for Rs. 46,999.
    • As for the silver, 64 GB, 10.5-inch iPad Pro, you can now have it for Rs. 61,999.

    Want one? Click here, now!


    • The silver and space grey MacBook Pros with 15-inch Retina display, TouchBar, and 16 GB Ram are available for Rs. 2, 09,990 after a 6% discount.
    • But if you’re willing to sacrifice the TouchBar, you can get the 13-inch, 256 GB SSD MacBook Pro for Rs. 1,30,990.
    • If you’re not willing to sacrifice it though, you can get the 13-inch MacBook Pro with a TouchBar and 8 GB RAM for Rs. 1,56,990 after a 7% discount.
    • Moving on to the MacBook Air models, the gold and space grey 13-inch Retina display, 128 GB models are both available for Rs. 1,05,990.

    Apple Watch

    • The newest generation of Apple Watches, series 4 is available for Rs. 51,900 in the space grey color.
    • The 38mm series 3 is available in silver and space grey for Rs. 25,999, while the 42mm is up for grabs for Rs. 27,999.

    For further discounts, ICICI debit and credit card holders this one is for you- pay using your card and get an instant 5 % discount.

    However, while this is a good sale it’s not nearly as exciting as some of the discounts being offered by Apple Retailers like iNvent who are offering 10% cashback on iPhone Xs and Xs Max, along with a further store discount of Rs. 6,000 on the Xr.

    But still, we Apple lovers will take what we can get, and do it happily, so head over there now and immerse yourself in the joys of the Apple Fest.

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