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    Apple Event Shifted to 21st March

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    Pooja Ramanujan
    Pooja Ramanujan Mar 5, 2016

    We’ve been talking about Apple’s March Event for quite some time now. In all those posts, we mentioned that the event was likely to be held on 15th March. And that was true … until recently.

    In view of certain unforeseen circumstances, Apple has shifted the date of the event by a week. The event will now take place on 21st March.

    Buzzfeed News reported last Monday that “Apple’s first media event of 2016 will occur one day prior to the company’s March 22 showdown with the government over a motion that would compel it to help hack an iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino terrorists.

    The event has been grabbing eyeballs for quite some time now, and for all the right reasons. The event is expected to launch the much talked about iPhone SE. It’s supposed to have all the functionality of iPhone 6 with the form factor and portability of an iPhone 5s.

    Then there’s the unveiling of the brand new 9.7 inch iPad Pro. The smaller version of Apple’s tablet is supposed to be just as good as its predecessor in performance, if not better.

    Apple is also expected to tweak the Apple Watch line up a bit. Possibly it will release a new, updated version of WatchOS; however, a new watch seems highly unlikely so far.

    So in a little over a fortnight, we will know if all these new products stand up to all the hype they have generated so far. We are especially looking forward to the new iPhone. On paper most people have already decided if they want the iPhone SE or not. What will determine their final decision of buying it will be the price of the handset.

    So many questions, so little time. We’ll definitely watch the programme live by streaming it on the Apple website. We hope you will join us too … from the comfort of your homes, of course! It promises to be a fun event, so be sure you don’t miss it!

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    1. Athar Ghole says:

      What would be the price

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