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    AirPods Studio Rumour

    Are You Ready for the New Over-Ear Apple AirPods Studio?

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    Ariz Suban
    Ariz Suban May 20, 2020

    Remember when Apple acquired Beats and we were all hoping for an awesome cross-product out of the collaboration? Well, if rumours are to be believed, the Apple AirPods Studio is it! Adding to the awesome AirPods family are the new, over-ear headphones we’re hearing about with their many exciting features.

    As pointed out by the IB Times, the product name B515 appears to be a combination of Apple’s popular AirPods with the recently acquired Beats Studio Wireless. Let’s have a look at some of the Apple Airpods Studio features that we know of.

    Pauses for you

    Like your favourite AirPods (which pause the playback if you take one of them out of your ear), the new AirPods Studio will have a similar detection feature but in a more… headphone-friendly way. Automatic sensors of the new headphones will detect if they’re on your head or around your neck and will play/pause accordingly.

    No right or wrong left in AirPods

    Based on reports from 9to5mac, sensors of the new AirPods Studio will detect your left and right ear to re-route the audio channels automatically. Yes, exactly. Finally, you won’t have to check which side’s which before putting the headphones on.

    An AirPod is an AirPod

    Coming from the family of AirPods, the new AirPods Studio will have both Active Noise Cancellation and the Transparency mode. Users will be able to access either of the two features through just a tap or maybe a ‘Hey Siri’. In addition, the pairing process for these new noise-cancelling headphones is going to be upped a notch and users will be able to switch quickly from one device to another. Also, once paired, we will be able to customize equalizer settings with low, medium, and high frequency adjustments.

    Premium design expected

    According to Bloomberg’s recent report, the AirPods Studio is expected to come in at least two variants: In a leather-similar fabric AND in a pro-fitness version with lighter, perforated materials. The materials can also be switched as required, meaning you can change them depending on what your plans are for the day! Moreover, at least two colour options are to be expected for the AirPods Studio.

    Apple has constantly claimed to be aiming for a true wireless experience. With the newest addition to the AirPods family, the company has upped the game further. The Apple AirPods Studio is currently rumoured to be at a sale price of $349 (appx. ₹26,000).

    How much it will cost in India is yet to be known. While we wait for some more news, talk to us. Would you prefer the new over-ear headphones or a new variant of the in-ear AirPods?

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