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    All The ‘Other’ Apple Software Announced At WWDC’23

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    Ankith Nambiar
    Ankith Nambiar Jun 7, 2023

    Right about now, you are sitting in your bed, have read as many articles about Apple’s AR/VR headset (and even watched MKBHD’s video on it), and are wondering about what the rest of the show was all about. Yeah, sure, the big league guys – your iOS, watchOS, macOS, etc., got to have their dramatic monologue, but what about the underdogs? Well, they get the awards, too … for the supporting cast category.

    As an avid Android user, every time WWDC comes around, I find myself thinking, ‘What is the point of it all?’ And after piecing it together with a speed comparable to an obese snail, I finally get it. They are trying to create Skynet! Well, not exactly. They might stray away from the murderous robot kind, but a cute kitty version of a tech ecosystem is definitely on the cards. Hey, I’m all for it. Their ecosystem of devices is cool. Add the VR headset to it, and it gives me serious Jarvis vibes. It’s well into the future, though. For now, we’ll just have to settle for these quality-of-life updates.

    AirPods: Hello, Can You Hear Me?

    Starting off with the most innovative one, your dear expensive Airpods got a huge update. They call it Adaptive Audio. Basically, Apple will control how much you will hear—going to a call? The music will lower down. Talking to someone? Say bye-bye to distracting noises—all the good stuff. There are similar features in other headsets, too, like JBL’s ambient mode, but not to the extent of the AirPods. There are also regular upgrades, like faster device switching, press to mute, better noise canceling, etc. But the prize for the best update definitely goes to Adaptive Audio.

    HomePods: It’s in the Air!

    Homepod did get an update at WWDC this year, but it was a tiny one. In fact, it felt more like AirPlay got an update, and the HomePod was caught in the crossfire. AirPlay is now more seamless and in more places. Now with your Homepod and iPhone, you can cast photos, videos, and music to your Apple TV or in select hotels. You can also start a handless jamming session! Just say, ‘Siri, play {insert name of a favorite song here}’ (no, it’s not a mistake. It’s ‘Siri’ now, not ‘Hey Siri’). The AI stuff in AirPlay will now recommend songs according to what you like dancing wildly to.

    Apple Music: Vroom Vroom Disco!

    Even your four-wheeled friend got an upgrade today! Whooo! It’s an itsy-bitsy one, but one nonetheless. In a crossover no one saw coming, Apple Music is shaking hands with CarPlay. Do you take out your car when going on a road trip with your mates just so that you can control the stereo because you just hate the mellow picks of that one friend? Well, too bad! Now they can play their favorite NSync numbers on a loop with SharePlay. It will be like a karaoke session, in a car, with iPhones instead of mics.

    Apple TV: Magic, Televised

    Like a classic 2000’s teenage movie, tvOS 17 saw a makeover scene this time. A revamped, fully decked-out interface, Facetime compatibility, new photo-based screen savers, and much more. All it needs now is a pretty bow on the frame, and it will be ready for the prom. The UI is now more intuitive and adaptive, and the Facetime app is cooler than ever! There are also updates for SharePlay and Siri remote tracking. They even gave a Continuity API for developers. So, overall a solid hit.

    In all, WWDC ’23 was, shall we say, fruitful. Hats off to Apple for showing the side characters some love as well. And these are not half-baked updates, either. They are polished, like a diamond. Shiny and pretty. If you ask me will I switch to Apple now? The answer is no. That’s not me talking; it’s my empty wallet. For those of you already indoctrinated to the AppleVerse, beta for all these comes next month. So, happy waiting! I’ll be here enjoying the blissful ignorance of an Appleless world.

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