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    iOS 17

    A Little From Here, A Little From There: The iOS 17 Story

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    Shubho Roy
    Shubho Roy Jun 6, 2023

    It’s here! iOS 17 is finally here! But has it arrived in style, or is it just a simple revamp of existing features? Apple is known for being the sly old friend who makes optimistic promises but comes up just a bit short. Let’s see if it happens again with iOS 17.

    Apple’s team tried to keep iOS 17 the announcement short and crisp to leave enough keynote time for the ‘One More Thing’. However, there were still quite a few updates of note. Here’s a look at the best ones:

    Who’s Calling? 

    Apple woke up and decided to change how our contact cards look by introducing personalized themes. It means that now you can customize how the screen looks when someone calls you or when you open someone’s contact. Pretty sure Apple is not aware of how vividly imaginative we can get when saving the contacts of our friends. This might just be among the best features of iOS 17, but I am looking forward to seeing how creative iPhone users get while customizing these contact cards.

    On a side note, iOS 17 will also enable you to Airdrop your contact details to friends just by bringing the phone closer to each other. Just don’t go tapping your expensive phone, though. 

    Don’t Listen; Just Read!

    Do you have an annoying friend who keeps asking for money by leaving repeated messages on your voicemail? With iOS 17, instead of having to listen, you can read a transcript of the message your ‘friend’ has left for you and decide whether the call was worth it! Yes, it sounds a bit tedious, but better than giving away money, right?

    Type Away!

    Out of all iPhone apps, iMessage got the biggest piece of the cake with iOS 17 release.

    Apple has tucked away all the iMessage tools in one corner instead of them taking up space because of the typing field. Just click the plus button, and voila, all your messaging arsenal is at your disposal.

    The update also allows you to transcribe the voice notes we receive. Good luck transcribing the songs my friends sing and share through voice notes!  

    Another iMessage enhancement in iOS 17, called Check-in, is the most useful feature, IMO. It lets you track & ensure that your family members or friends reach their destination on time. This feature also monitors if there is a slight delay in the ETA and notifies the person you have shared the information with. In hindsight, I would have hated this feature if I was still in school or college. No more scooty rides for me!

    The next set of iMessage features is something that we have been wanting for a long time. One is the swipe-right to reply to a specific text, and the other is the catch-up feature, which takes you to the first unseen message in a conversation. Thanks, Tim!

    Stand By And Relax

    How about having the experience of your Apple Watch on your iPhone? No, you didn’t read it wrong. iOS 17 lets your iPhone have an additional interface that resembles your Apple Watch. They call it the Stand-by Mode.

    Just keep your iPhone on the MagSafe in a tilted position. And then, lo and behold, the screen will change into what seems like the Watch Face of your Apple Watch but with more information on display.

    You can customize the screen, too. Be it keeping a display face, a specific image, or the album cover of the song you are listening to. It also allows live tracking of the food delivery or the cab you have been waiting for. It won’t bring your food any faster but lets you see it inching closer to your home. 

    FaceTime And Cheese!

    In case you miss FaceTime from your mom when she calls to scold you for not having your breakfast, there is no way out because now your mom can conveniently record an audio or a video FaceTime message, giving you her piece of mind very calmly, and share it with you. It’s a bit like those weird screaming letters in Harry Potter, just teched out! Well, you shouldn’t have forgotten your breakfast in the first place, let alone you missing her Facetime, so…  

    And More…

    Apart from these new additions, a few tiny features also deserve an honorable mention, like the new Journal app that allows you to note down moments of your day in a safe space that is not accessible by anyone else. Also, Siri now responds to ‘Siri’ instead of ‘Hey Siri.’ Well, it’s useful only if they make Siri smarter first.

    Apple also improved other features like Airdrop, Widgets, auto-correction update, and added new stuff like live stickers and offline maps.

    Devices Compatible And Date Of Release

    Here’s the big question – Can you install iOS 17 on your older iPhone? you can it if you have an iPhone SE2 or any newer variant. 

    iOS 17 will roll out in mid-September when iPhone 15 series is launched. The developers already have access to their Beta version, whereas regular users like us will have to wait until July for the Public Beta.

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