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    apple bans internal employee surveys

    The Latest from Cupertino: Apple Bans Internal Employee Surveys on Pay Equity & More

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    Adnan Nensey
    Adnan Nensey Aug 12, 2021

    Recently, The Verge reported that Apple chose to ban internal employee surveys in face of growing employee awareness towards compensation differences. The Cupertino company has denied these surveys on the pretext of safeguarding employee privacy. However, Apple employees are sceptical about the company’s claim. They are asking for their right to conduct internal surveys and gather information amongst themselves on various issues.

    Apple Employees Threaten to Quit

    Apple employees had previously conducted various surveys to assess the work-from-home scenario. They found that a majority had wanted a flexible work environment. According to the internal surveys, a small portion of the employees would have to leave work due to a lack of location flexibility.

    However, Apple said it would initiate a three-day hybrid module from September, with employees coming to office thrice a week. In June, the company’s employees had written a letter to CEO Tim Cook to amend the hybrid work module. As per reports, around 6,000 Apple employees threatened to leave the company if they are denied work from home.

    Apple Prohibits Internal Surveys on Pay Equity

    Apart from surveys on the work from home scenario, Apple employees also sought data on pay equity. Apple had been accused of paying lower wages to certain sections of its employees, specifically women and other underrepresented minorities. However, the company has categorically denied the claims and keeps shutting down their surveys. The reason? Apparently such surveys collect identifiable employee data related to race, ethnicity, and gender, which compromise employee privacy.

    Though employees mentioned they weren’t directly accusing Apple of anything, banning such surveys is undoubtedly a cause for concern. Especially since employees of a company have a right to this information.

    If Apple has nothing to hide, then why is it shutting down employee concerns with the flimsy excuse of protecting employee privacy? After all, the employees it claims to be protecting are voluntarily sharing this information amongst themselves. What are your thoughts on this? Tell us in the comments.

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