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    Apple 2 trillion

    Apple’s Double Trillion; Tech Giant Soon to Create History, Again!

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    Ariz Suban
    Ariz Suban Jul 18, 2020

    Is it really surprising that the world’s leading technology giant and the first trillion-dollar company could also be on its way to becoming the first 2 trillion-dollar company in history! Expert business and tech analysts expect Apple Inc. to be the first company to cross the 2 trillion dollar market cap very soon. And with an all-time highest $399.73 share value as of July 2020, it seems as if there are no bounds that Apple cannot cross.

    In an extensive research note, analyst Amit Daryanani has laid out a four-year plan for Apple to hit a 2 trillion dollar market cap. This includes Apple’s aggressive buying back of its stocks and investing more in its services and wearables businesses. However, a lot of factors will be responsible for the speed with which the tech-giant storms into the $2 trillion club.

    Apple and the Indian Market

    With the uncertainty in the Indo-China relations and the GOI banning 59 Chinese Apps, Indians are now reluctant in buying Chinese smartphones. And this has left a big opening in the Indian smartphone market for the masses. Apple has always found the Indian market a tough nut to crack, but with the iPhone 12 not going beyond the average price despite the addition of 5G, things could change. And thus, according to Wall Street Tech Analyst Daniel Ives, India could play an actual role in how quickly Apple bags the $2 trillion cap.

    All Hail iPhone 12 (5G!)

    The highly-anticipated iPhone 12 with (reportedly) ground-breaking 5G technology is going to be launched by Apple in late 2020. And this hype has helped increase the Apple Market Value more than ever! Additionally, the no-EarPods-no-Adapter iPhone 12 box might also help in the sales of Airpods. (Sneaky, Apple!)

    Apple – The Service Provider

    Despite the sales dip due to the production-delivery uncertainty because of COVID-19, Apple managed to fare pretty well in the challenging fourth quarter in terms of revenue. And a major credit goes to its wearables and services. Apple now has a whopping 515 million paid subscriptions worldwide for its services including music, video and cloud services.With the company increasing its thrusters to the full, we could see Apple valuation cross the 2 trillion dollar market cap very soon! What do you think?

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