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    7 Things Apple ‘Forgot’ To Tell Us During the Event

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    Pooja Ramanujan
    Pooja Ramanujan Sep 13, 2015

    Apple overwhelmed the world with its action packed keynote on 9th Sep. The (almost) 13-inch iPad Pro, the (almost) $100 stylus pencil, the Apple Watch now available in rose gold and (poor man’s) gold, the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus featuring force touch 3D Touch … God! there’s a lot to digest here. That too from a single Apple event! 

    During the 2-hour event, product announcements came thick and fast. Apple was keen to display its technical marvels, features were explained with signature enthusiasm and cool videos (supported by beautiful music) had the audience mouthing “ooohs”, “aaahs”, and “wows”!

    However, in all that uproar, my ears were cocked for all the things that were left unsaid, and boy, did I (NOT) hear a lot of things! Sneaky fellas! Anyway, to spare you the trouble of reading between the lines, here are a few things that Apple smoothly dodged past.

    I. Rest in Peace, 5C

    This one hit me particularly hard since I am particularly fond of my iPhone 5C. After all, it’s the first phone I ever bought. And regardless of the enamour surrounding big screens and phones that threaten to slip out of your hands, the 5C was just the perfect size for me. Plus, a dash of color, people! I am just so fed up of the white and space grey staples.

    The 5C series was like a breath of fresh air in snazzy colors like blue (my favorite), green (I could live with it), and pink (not if I was threatened at the point of a gun). The point is, the Apple world was colorful for once and, now that they’ve discontinued the 5C, it won’t be any more. And no, rose gold and gold do not count as colors!

    Speaking of which …

    II. iPhone 6 Loses its Golden Glow

    In the spirit of carrying on with the ‘discontinuing’ spree, iPhone 6 will no longer be available in gold. Your heady dose of bling is now only available in 6S. But since 6S are going to be launched in roughly the same price bracket, I don’t consider this much of a loss. You get a new phone, you get the latest 6S, and you get it in gold, and with all the latest features. So, what’s there to complain about?

    Probably this …

    III. The 6S Has a Smaller Battery

    The average iPhone fan can talk till the cows come ambling back home about the phone’s technological wizardry, the intuitive UI, and the sheer genius of design. However, when confronted with questions about the performance of the battery, we are afflicted by verbal constipation. What is there to say, after all? The battery life leaves a lot to be desired and it seems to be the one detail that doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

    So, when I hear that the iPhone 6S has a smaller battery, I can’t help but experience these strange, nervous palpitations in my chest. I do not want to spend any more time camping by the power socket and neither do I look forward to the prospect of lugging around external batteries that have to be charged separately.

    Experts are falling over themselves to convince me that this doesn’t impact the battery’s performance in anyway. In fact, the new phone promises just as much usage as the old iPhone 6 ; but my fears aren’t going to be quietened so easily. You’ve touched a raw nerve here, Apple!

    And talking of getting on my nerves …

    IV. The ApplePencil Only Works with iPad Pro

    The $100 pencil that breaks everything Steve Jobs stood for, also ends up breaking our hearts. That extremely pricey stylus (Damn! Pencil. PENCIL!) is designed only to work with iPad Pro, that too, only after it’s been paired via Bluetooth. So, if you had any hopes of buying just the pencil and using it on your existing iPad, or any other iOS device for that matter … well, you can’t! My condolences.

    On the brighter side …

    V. You CAN use Third-party Accessories for iPad Pro & Apple TV

    In an odd effort to balance their exclusivity (read: stinginess), Apple has generously allowed third parties to make use of the smart connector on the iPad Pro. What this means is that you won’t be forced to depend on Apple’s Smart Keyboard accessory and consider better other options that might be released in the market. Logitech has already announced its Create keyboard, which will be launched on the same day as the iPad Pro.

    Similarly, hardcore gamers can breathe a sigh of relief since they can toss that Apple TV remote aside and use a proper controller, like the new SteelSeries Nimbus. Sleek and fancy as the Apple TV remote might be, I just cannot imagine playing games with that. On the other hand, the Nimbus … now that’s the thing that gaming dreams are made of. Just look at it! I can already feel my adrenalin racing and fingers itching to grab a hold of this controller and click and punch my way to victory in a game. Sorry Apple, you’ll just have to do better!

    But, I am happy about this …

    VI. You Can Reuse your 6 and 6 Plus Covers

    Those looking to upgrade from 6 to 6S and are balking at the cost associated with it, there’s one way you can still save money. Recycle your old iPhone 6 cover and use it on the new iPhone 6S. With just a difference of .01mm in their specifications, your old cover will fit just as snugly on the new phone and make you feel just a little better for not having to spend 4k (swoon!) on a new cover.

    Who would have thought Apple would help you save money, huh?

    And finally … 

    VII. They Mystery of El Capitan’s Launch Date

    In all the fanfare and among all the launches, there was one small detail that was overlooked – the release date for Apple’s new operating system for Macbooks El Capitan. When was it being launched? When could we get our hands on it?

    If it hadn’t been for the ever alert media’s powers of observation, this detail might have remained elusive. Ironically, the information was there for all to see, for a few seconds anyway. That’s right. The demo email that popped up on the screen briefly mentioned that El Capitan would be shipped out on Sep. 30. Mystery solved. And peace to all!

    Now that you know a little more about the new Apple toys, will it change your mind about buying any of them? Probably. Probably not. None of these products are expected to launch in Indian for couple of months, so you’ve got enough time to decide.

    In the meanwhile, there are chances are that new easter eggs will be discovered since Apple is notorious for twisting facts and the media simple loves playing Sherlock. For more such revelations, stay tuned to this space.

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