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    Apple’s iPhone 14 Event: Three Things You Should Be Excited About

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    Prerona Dekaphukan
    Prerona Dekaphukan Sep 6, 2022

    Far Out is near, people! Apple Park is all set for the early fall event tomorrow. I can barely hold my own – the excitement is a li’l too much to handle. I mean, it’s about time we finally get to see the all-new iPhone 14, especially since we’ve been dreaming about it since WWDC 2022 when a host of interesting features and upgrades were announced in June. And, of course, there will be Apple watches (Sigh!). But, that’s not all. There are a few other lovely things the fall breeze is expected to swing your way. Let’s find out what they are.

    Arrive already, iPhone 14!

    Tittle-tattles about what to expect from iPhone 14 have been making rounds even before iPhone 13 made its way into the world. And then, the rumour mills churned out ‘news’ of that huge camera bump, which I would much rather leave aside. Instead, I am thinking a 48-megapixel wide camera, amplified low-light capabilities, and a classy astrophotography mode (maybe). If you are with me, add a no-notch hole + pill design, the better, faster A16 processor, and a potential eSIM tech to the mix. I mean, we may not want or get the whole ‘Galaxy’ shot on an iPhone, but a nice night sky in the gallery wouldn’t hurt! 

    Watch out for the… Apple watches

    If the odds are on the speculators’ side, we will see three different renditions of the new Apple Watches, which Tim Cook and company are likely to call Apple Watch Pro. The new range will come with a body temperature sensor, a titanium case, and all the goodies of watchOS 9, and maybe more. Apple will likely retain the flat display while making subtle changes to the edges and will have a slightly larger display than its predecessor series. The word in the street is that a new Apple Watch SE range might sneak into the Far Out event this year. 

    2022 AirPods Pro 2, for me too

    I know it’s been a while since the first 2019 AirPods Pro debuted. What kind of an Apple fangirl would I be if I let my hopes of a 2022 AirPods Pro 2 fall into the cracks? I am all for grabbing a case that could help me track down my phone every time I leave it someplace else. And hear this – it could be the first ever to have Bluetooth 5.2 support. Then there’s a next-gen H1 processor upgrade lined up for it too. Can’t wait!

    Finally… or not!

    It is no news that Apple’s been exploring the idea of adding augmented reality products to its lineup. Will this be the event where Apple at least announces mixed reality headsets? It’s a long, long, very long shot. But hey, a girl can hope! I also hear talks about an upgraded HomePod 2 going around town. Will we have an update on that too?

    The answers are just a day away! And we folks at Applesutra will be nothing but tuned in to find out. Care to join us? If yes, keep an eye on our Twitter feed & Insta stories for a live commentary of the evening.  See ya there.

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