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    Apple Macbook Pro 13 inch

    The New Apple MacBook Pro (13-Inch) with Magic Keyboard is Here

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    Kshitija Agrawal
    Kshitija Agrawal May 5, 2020

    Yesterday saw the launch of a new Apple MacBook Pro (13-inch), with the starting price of ₹1,22,990 in India. It’s a refresh of the older model that finally completes Apple’s migration from the Butterfly Keyboard to its new Magic Keyboard. Besides the more reliable scissor-switch keyboard, the new MacBook Pro 2020 comes with options to upgrade to the faster 10th-generation Intel Core processor, up to 32GB RAM, 4TB SSD storage, and more.

    While it’s definitely an important upgrade from the old Apple lineup, many Apple fans are somewhat disappointed at the lack of features that come with the new MacBook Pro. Indeed, the 2020 MacBook Pro seems to be almost the same as the older model, with a few slight tweaks.

    Still, if you’re looking for an upgrade this year, here’s everything you need to know about the latest MacBook.

    Magic Keyboard

    Perhaps the most significant change in the new MacBook Pro is the shift from the Butterfly keyboard to the much-loved scissor-switch Magic Keyboard that was introduced in last year’s 16-inch MacBook Pro. The keyboard features the same 1mm key travel, inverted-T design for arrow keys, and physical escape key as in the other latest MacBooks.

    This is good news for those looking to upgrade their old MacBooks, especially those who need more than what the MacBook Air has to offer.


    In terms of performance, the new MacBook Pro 2020 (13-inch) has got a serious upgrade from Intel’s older 8th-generation processors to the latest 10th-generation processors. With this upgrade, the new MacBook Pro promises to deliver up to 80% faster graphics performance compared to systems with the older processor.

    However, the bad news is that the upgrade’s just for the higher-end models and those who don’t want to spend extra will have to make do with the older processors.

    Storage & Memory

    One thing you’ll be happy to know is that Apple’s doubled the storage capacity across all standard configurations, which means the base model now comes with a 256GB SSD as compared to the previous 128GB, with the top-end standard storage going up to 1TB. Users can further customize their MacBooks to up to 4TB SSD (though, of course, us Indian fans can only dream).

    As for memory, the new MacBook Pro now comes with the standard configuration of 16GB of 3733MHz LPDDR4X memory on select models, with up to 32GB max. However, the base model still features 8GB of 2133MHz LPDDR3 memory.


    There’s no saying when a MacBook Pro 2020 release date in India might be in the cards. For now, the Apple Macbook Pro (13-inch) is only available for purchase in the US, though we will probably see it entering other markets soon. However, seeing as none of the 2020 releases are available in India yet, those of us looking forward to getting our hands on this will have to try to contain our patience for a little while more.

    Till then, let’s discuss. What do you think about the Apple MacBook Pro (13-inch) with Magic Keyboard? Are you happy or disappointed? Tell us in the comments below!

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