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    It’s Official! Apple Sends Out Invites For March 21 Event

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    Amit Srivatsa
    Amit Srivatsa Mar 11, 2016

    Apple has formally confirmed that its March event will be held on Monday the 21st.

    The confirmation came in the form of Apple updating the official “Apple Events” page on its website last night. Earlier yesterday, Apple also sent out invites to various members of the Press. The invitations read “Let us loop you in”. Like always there must be some hidden meaning behind this tagline. Our best guess is that Apple is going to ‘loop in’ people who want smaller iPhones and iPad Pros.

    The event will start at 1 pm Eastern time, or 11:30 at night here in India. You can watch the event live right on the Apple’s website.

    iPhone SE

    The company is expected to introduce the 4-inch iPhone SE and a 9.7-inch iPad Pro. Other attractions will include new Apple Watch bands, software updates, and more.

    The iPhone SE will be a 4-inch model, cased in the more recent round-edged body. It will feel like a 5 or 5s, but look more like a 6 or 6s. The phone is supposedly going to house the new A9 chip and also support Apple Pay. We’d done an entire article on what to expect in this new phone and we highly recommend you read it before the event.

    iPad Air 3 / iPad Pro Mini

    The brand new 9.7 inch iPad (whatever its called) is likely to have similar specs as the larger iPad Pro, with the exception that it might get a RAM upgrade. It is also expected to support Apple Pencil and a smaller Smart Keyboard that is being designed to fit this new 9.7 inch design. .

    Apple Watch

    Apple is also expected to tweak the Apple Watch line up a bit. We are hopeful of getting to see an entirely new lineup of bands for Apple Watch. Apple will also most likely release a new, updated version of WatchOS. There are reports, of course, (rumours, rather) that Apple might release a new version of Apple Watch too, but honestly, we have better chances of finding water on Mars!

    If you’ve been following tech news, you’ll have heard that Google shocked everyone by releasing the beta version of it’s new Android N weeks ahead of schedule. This sudden change has made us wonder: Is this a ploy to steal the thunder from Apple?

    It could well be. We won’t know for sure until we have seen the event. So tune into Apple’s website on 21st March, and let’s watch the event together!

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