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    Apple Crowned The Most Admired Company. Once Again.

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    Varun Bhatia
    Varun Bhatia Feb 24, 2016

    Forbes has released its annual list of “World’s Most Admired Companies”. And guess who tops the list? Why Apple, of course!

    This is not the first time Apple has made it to the top of that list; it’s not even the second, third, or fourth time. This is the ninth consecutive year that Apple has made it to the top of this list.

    Yep, you heard that right. For nine years straight, Apple has been crowned the most admired company in the world and we hope that it stays there for a long, long time to come. Find the complete list by Forbes here.

    Apple is joined on the podium with Alphabet (Google’s parent company) on the second spot and Amazon on the third.

    Looks like the A’s are leading the pack! However, don’t take that to mean that your company will be a smash hit just because you name it with A, although you could try your luck if you want!

    There’s another interesting list we’ve got for you. Provided each year by Fast Company, it contains the world’s Most Innovative Companies of 2016.

    Sadly in this list, Apple doesn’t ace. However, just because it doesn’t get the first place, doesn’t mean it has failed the test. In terms of innovation, Apple comes in at a respectable seventh position.

    We were curious to know who could have beaten Apple, and it seems like a fair fight when you look at the list. Here’s Fast Company’s Top Ten Most Innovative Companies of 2016:

    1. BuzzFeed: For shaking up media across the globe
    2. Facebook: For not letting size get in the way of acting like a startup
    3. CVS Health: For becoming a one-stop health shop
    4. Uber: For hustling corporate business
    5. Netflix: For giving unexpected audiences exactly what they want
    6. Amazon: For evolving from commerce to cool cloud services
    7. Apple: For acing its China test
    8. Alphabet: For finding a better way to bet big
    9. Black Lives Matter: For turning the conversation about race into results
    10. Taco Bell: For combining corn, beans, meat, and cheese into genius

    (Full list available here).

    Praising Apple, the Company said, “Its historic ability to innovate and its consumer lead” are traits for new companies to emulate. They also had some words of caution for the tech-giant though. In brooding terms, they announced, “Its reputation for design is under attack.

    Well, the truth in these words will be known soon to us when Apple unveils new products in the later half of this year. Till then, we hope that Apple takes a good look at this list and comes up with a strategy to beat the others. It’s not going to be easy, but if anyone can do it, it’s APPLE!!

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