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    It wasn’t enough that students have to deal with cranky teachers, societal and parental expectations, and shouldering the blame for everything that’s “wrong with the world” according to older generations. Now they even have to pay more for listening to music! Yeah, sorry, music lovers, but an Apple Music student subscription in India now costs ₹10 more per month 😕

    While US prices for an Apple Music subscription remain the same, India was among a few countries, alongside South Africa, Singapore, Australia, and more, where the price for the student plan increased.

    So, those with a student subscription in India now have to pay ₹59 monthly, compared to the previous ₹49.

    Why is this happening to us, you ask? I wish I had a conclusive answer, but as always, Apple refuses to tell us the reasons for the inconveniences they cause us. However, the best guess floating around is that it’s because of currency fluctuations. But then, why would the price increase only for the student subscription?

    We’ll update you if there’s any official word, though I wouldn’t hold my breath for it. Till then, might I suggest getting in on a family plan?

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