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    apple stopped accepting debit credit payment india

    Apple 🤝 RBI: Making Payments More Difficult for Indian Users

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    Breaking news! Apple has stopped accepting debit and credit card payment for all users in India. Another thing we can add to the list of features we don’t get but other countries do! Yup, you cannot pay for Apple subscriptions like Apple Music with your cards or save them to your Apple device if they are from an Indian bank anymore. What’s more, the cards that you have already saved can’t be removed. Why, you ask? Only the geniuses at Apple know.

    Why Is This Happening to Us?  

    October 1, 2021. It all started on that fateful day. The day RBI’s auto-debit regulations went into effect. What it means is that automatic payments are now restricted. You might have already noticed that your Netflix account might have stopped debiting your card automatically every month.

    How Do We Give Apple Our Money Now?

    The only way to add to the piles of money in Apple’s vaults is to add money directly to your Apple ID through netbanking and UPI. Your subscriptions will automatically deduct cash from there every month, just like your prepaid metro cards. See? Isn’t it easy?  

    Nope! When trying to give them money, we are met with a broken UI that seems put together overnight and a payment failure screen to add salt to the wound. Users have also taken to Twitter to complain. It’s hilarious how a multibillion-dollar conglomerate can give such a lazy response to the problem.

    Now that Apple has stopped accepting debit and credit payment in India because of the regulations, the question is: Who do we point fingers at? Is it RBI’s fault or Apple’s? Our consensus is both. Yes, the RBI did pull the rug out from under our feet by implementing new auto-debit regulations (or restrictions), but Apple’s lack of quality response is also to blame. What’s your take on the whole situation? Let us know in the comments below.

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