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    Apple’s New Campus Officially Name “Apple Park”. Tim Cook To Move In By Later This Year.

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    Amit Srivatsa
    Amit Srivatsa Feb 23, 2017

    Apple’s upcoming new office, so far known as “the Spaceship Campus”, has been officially named as Apple Park. This building will become the new home for more than 12,000 employees currently working at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino.

    Although some people will start moving into Apple Park from as early as April, it will take another six months or so to completely shift everyone to the new premises.

    The building was a brainchild of Steve Jobs, and as such, bears all of his high ideals of simplicity and excellence.

    “In 2011, Jobs announced the project to the world, saying over 12,000 employees would work in what is now called Apple Park. Edible landscaping, walking paths, and other “green” measures are being implemented, to minimise the overall impact the facility makes on the environment.” (Source)

    In the spirit of honouring the great visionary and the founder of Apple, and his love for the theatrics, the main campus auditorium at Apple Park will be named “Steve Jobs Theater”.

    Highlights of Apple Park

    • Over two miles of footpath that be used for walking and running by the employees.
    • The inside of the ring will feature trees, ponds, and orchid gardens.
    • Will run on 100% renewable energy.
    • One of the world’s largest “on-site solar energy installations”.
    • 100,000-square-foot fitness centre for employees, and
    • “secure research and development centre”, as phrased by Cook.

    Speaking of whom, the CEO is said to be one of the first people to move into the new campus.

    “CEO Tim Cook plans to move his office to the company’s futuristic campus later this year, likely when other employees begin the migration from Infinite Loop in April.” (Source)
    The building looks great from the drone shots that can be found all over the internet. Like everything else designed by Apple, this building too is a sight to behold.
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