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    Official Tutorial Videos From Apple Show You How To Best Use Photo Memories

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    Apple prides itself in creating simple, intuitive software. They believe in making apps that are pretty much self-explanatory and don’t need to be taught to you. That’s why there are hardly any tutorial videos from Apple. However, Apple has changed that tradition by launching a series of tutorial videos teaching you how to get the best of Photo Memories.

    AppleInsider reports:

    “Expanding its “How to Shoot on iPhone 7″ tutorial series, Apple on Wednesday posted a pair of videos explaining how to customize and share Memories clips generated by the Photos app in iOS 10.”

    The latest videos focus on “Photos Memories.” This is the latest feature added to Apple’s stock Photos app which automatically creates small movie trailer like shorts from the photos you’ve taken on your iPhone. The two videos posted by Apple teach:

    1. How to Customise Memories on iPhone 7, and
    2. How to Share Memories on iPhone 7.

    Like all the other videos from this series, these two videos are also under a minute in length and has no explanatory voice over from any person.

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