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    Colour Us Surprised: Apple’s (Still) Making a Shit-ton of Money

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    Welcome to your quarterly report of “How much money is Apple making?”! Just last week, reports about the second-quarter earnings for Apple came out. And you’ll be pleased (or displeased, depending on where you fall on the capitalism spectrum) to know that Apple’s still making a shit-ton of money from all its products and services.

    In fact, this quarter, Apple revealed a revenue of $97.3 billion, a record for the March quarter and up 9% from the previous year. Their services revenue also reached a new all-time high. So, it’s safe to say they’re doing well despite, you know, the global pandemic we’re all struggling with right now.

    That’s not to say the pandemic hasn’t struck their revenue. The company says they’re expecting a hit of $4-8 billion in would-have-been-revenue for the June quarter, courtesy of supply chain and production issues due to lockdowns in China.

    Maybe it’s time to take expanding production outside just the one country seriously, eh, Apple?

    You can listen to the full call where Apple reports its second-quarter earnings here for more tidbits (if it doesn’t put you to sleep).

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