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    Apple Store Delhi

    Chalo Dilli! Apple Store is Opening in Saket on 20 April

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    Apple India is at it again! We have an official confirmation of Apple Store Delhi (called Apple Saket) opening on 20 April, that’s just 2 days after the Mumbai store! 

    It seems like only last week that Apple India announced that they are opening a store in Mumbai. Wait. It was last week. Two stores in India within a week, huh? Well, don’t know what Timmy is cooking, but it smells delicious.

    Where the Mumbai store took inspiration for its storefront from the classic style of the Kaali- Peelis running through the city, the Delhi store portrays the many gates that mark the different phases in the city’s past. They sure did their best to make the store as appealing as possible. But aren’t the yellow arches of the facade too bright? I know I’m nitpicking, but it’s just judging Apple by Apple standards.

    Now, let’s talk about the weirdest thing they did. Keep in mind this is not a joke. They created an Apple Music playlist with songs they think describe Delhi’s past. Stay with me cause this is the funny part. I guess they just typed ‘Delhi songs’ in the Apple Music search and added all the songs that came in the results. Many of the songs don’t even have Delhi as the theme. Just tell me, how does ‘Kaala Chashma’ describe Delhi’s Past? Go on; I am waiting.

    On the bright side, they also included some wallpapers in the store’s theme. Not very substantial, but deeply appreciated. Personally, I might not use them, but they do look cool, especially their Delhi variation of the Apple logo.

    Apple BKC (or Apple Store, Mumbai) is a significant milestone for Apple India as it’s the first flagship Apple store in India. It took Apple more than a decade to open the first store, and now they are opening the second one in Select City Walk, Saket, just 2 days later. They sure are moving in fast, almost like they are determined to make up for the lost time.

    We don’t know when and where the next store will pop up, but going by the trend, it might be sooner than anyone can imagine. Bangalore? Hyderabad? May? June? What’s your guess?

    P.S.; The man himself, Tim Cook, might show up at the inauguration of Apple BKC and/or Apple Saket opening. So, mark the dates; Apple’s retail journey in India is about to begin.

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