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    Apple Store Mumbai

    A Sneak Peek at Apple’s First Flagship Store in India

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    Oh, buoy! Oh, the heavens, it’s happening very soon. Apple’s very first official store in India will open its doors before you know it. No more delays, 2023 is the year! And for real, this time. What, you haven’t heard? Apple just unveiled the exterior of its flagship store at BKC (Mumbai). Come, take a peek with me.

    Tying the design knot just right

    Okay, I haven’t seen it myself yet. But my fellow Appleiers in Mumbai are all out and about sending me gorgeous physical evidence of the store’s outer finesse. I must say, Apple India has done a pretty darn good job capturing the essence of our city of dreams. What could’ve been better than marrying the legendary Kaali Peeli and the tech company’s iconic, minimalistic, contemporary architectural designs? This baby is a beauty, trust me. What do they say – creativity sparks creativity – that’s what Apple brings to BKC. 

    Falling in love all over again 

    I had an inkling that something good was on its way when Apple launched a bunch of Mumbaikar wallpapers and updated the Bambaiya playlist on Apple Music on Monday. But I shut those feelings out. Because – delays. Duh! It’s been what? Six, seven years? Since we first heard of the possibility of an Apple store in India. And I thought to myself, don’t get excited yet. It’s too little a thing to stir up those emotions. But this news coming in today has been an absolute mid-week treat.

    Our very own happy space

    For so long, I kept wishing for a place I could waltz into, and it would just light me up instantly. A world – full of our loved Apple things – I can call our own. I’ve been ever on the lookout for a place where I could trade my goods and chattels (emotional, duh!) with something nicer, happier, and classier. Apple BKC is soon going to make that dream come true. Well, at least I can do that with my older Apple devices now (for a store credit). You guys can order online and pick it up at the store. As for me, I am gonna plan my Mumbai trips to sync with my Apple necessities. And also pick up that gift (card) from them. *Wink*

    Little geniuses at work

    That sounds nice, dunnit? But really, I am so over chatting, calling, emailing, or chasing ‘authorised’ service providers. I might actually make an excuse to book a date at the Genius Bar once Apple BKC is up and running. You know, for the heck of it. I have heard so many good things about the quality of support the guys on the other side of the counter provide. And, I would love to have a tête-à-tête with someone who knows the minutest details of any darn Apple device. That would be fun. 

    Anyways, we know grand celebrations are in order; we have the venue, and we are ready to RSVP. We don’t need an invite. We just need to know when. Tell us, Apple, and we’ll be there. Won’t we now?

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