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    Apple sues Pegasus-maker

    Tim Cook and Company Take NSO to Court: Apple Sues Pegasus-Maker for Breaking into iPhones

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    Adnan Nensey
    Adnan Nensey Dec 6, 2021

    The Pegasus row is far from over. Ever since media exposed this massive attack, smartphone users have been voicing out privacy concerns. Despite Apple’s claim of utmost privacy for users, numerous iOS devices had been targeted and tracked using the Pegasus spyware. And after endless criticism, it seems the Cupertino company got the memo. According to reports, Apple is suing Pegasus-maker company, NSO.

    Apple Sues NSO Group for Pegasus Spyware

    Pegasus spyware by Israeli group NSO has been attacking phones worldwide. The worst part? Law enforcement agencies and governments are behind the hacks. And with the support of governments, the spyware became so sophisticated that you’d hardly know your device was being spied on.

    However, Apple recently decided to stand against the Pegasus attacks and lodged a court case. Though Apple said that the iOS operating system is one-of-a-kind when it comes to privacy, the company also agreed that the NSO group is spending a lot of money breaking into Apple’s security patch. Previously, they had said that such attacks are not a concern to a “majority of users”.

    Nevertheless, while most companies still remain tight-lipped about the Pegasus attacks, Apple’s lawsuit might lead the way to better protections for users. Not that Apple hasn’t had their fair share of criticism, just recently with their controversial CSAM protection features — but the fact that my smartphone manufacturer is doing their job to protect me from anyone who can scan through my phone is nice. What are your thoughts on Apple suing Pegasus-maker NSO?

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