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    What We Expect to See in Apple Watch 2

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    Amit Srivatsa
    Amit Srivatsa Feb 17, 2016

    Right around the time Apple introduced the original Apple Watch, there have been debates whether this wearable device will adhere to Apple’s yearly upgrade cycle like iPhones or iPads. Or will it fall in the Macbook category whose refresh timelines are 18 to 24 months?

    We have almost clocked a year since the Apple Watch launch and the debate continues to be in full swing. Some believe that we will see Apple Watch 2 in the Upcoming March event, while others are putting their money on a year-end release.

    Irrespective of when it launches, Apple Watch 2 is going to bring a lot of cool updates. Here is a summary of all the new features we expect to see in the second generation Apple Watch:

    • Longer Battery Life: Instead of drastically improving battery life, Apple will add new features to ensure the Watch makes it through one full day of use. It took a similar approach with the iPads.
    • Build: 9to5mac is reporting that new materials will be added to the lineup, such as titanium, tungsten, palladium, and platinum. This could push the prices up by as much as INR 20-25 k. That definitely sounds like something Apple would do.
    • Apps: Right now the Watch App space is seriously limited. We are hoping that Apple will allow developers to build apps that run directly on the Apple Watch.
    • Siri: Siri on the Watch is more intuitive than Siri on the iPhone. So, it only stands to reason that the former should work much better than the latter. However, that is not the case. Siri on Apple Watch is buggy and slow to respond. A faster, snappier Siri would be really welcome.
    • GPS: AW1 doesn’t have an independent GPS. It is dependent on the GPS of the iPhone it is synced to. An inbuilt GPS sensor will let you track your runs and listen to music via Bluetooth headphones without the need to carry your iPhone. This would certainly appeal to an active segment of consumers and raise the Watch’s overall utility.
    • Waterproof: No matter which discussion board you open, every single one of them will definitely mention this. Everyone wants Apple Watch 2 to be waterproof. And maybe even dirt proof and scratch resistant!
    • More Integration: The ‘Internet of Things’ is rapidly becoming a mighty driving force of the tech industry. Apple Watch has the potential to become a very big part of it. Bernard Desarnauts, the co-founder of Writsly, paints a pretty picture when he says — “When I buy another Watch, I’d like it to mean that I could leave my wallet at home and that I’d never have to look for my car or house keys again. It should be able to control my garage door and then seamlessly turn on the lights as I walk in my house, before becoming the remote control for all my domestic media entertainment.”
    • FaceTime Camera: At WWDC this year, Apple indicated its interest in increasing FaceTime functionality so that it can make and receive video calls from the wrist. Sources say that this might be pushed back to a later model, but it’s definitely on the cards. So, while we’re conscious a long wait ahead, it would be cool if Facetime were available on Apple Watch 2!

    Remember, all of these are merely speculations based on running rumors and our understanding of the product. You know how secretive Apple is regarding its new launches, so don’t be surprised if they put forward a totally different set of features or even refresh the design altogether.  

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