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    Apple Watch 4: What to Expect and What We Hope to Receive

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    Amit Srivatsa
    Amit Srivatsa Mar 12, 2018

    Apple is known worldwide for its innovation in products. Whenever the company is on the verge of launching a new product, the entire world has their eyes fixed on it, waiting for them to unwrap. Cycling speculations and heightened expectations has made Apple’s latest to-be-launched product, Apple Watch 4, a must-watch by all means. Going by the rumors, Apple will most likely launch the Watch 4 alongside its new iPhone model. But it will be nothing less than interesting to break down on what we might (and what we hope to) witness in the new Apple Watch 4.

    Launch Date

    According to some reliable sources, Apple is most likely slated to launch its Smartwatch as early as September. If we go by the historical timeline, Apple’s first generation Watch was launched on 24th April 2015, whereas both series 1 and 2 were launched on 16th September 2016. Then came Apple’s Watch 3on 22nd September 2017, thereby spinning the rumour wheel on a potential September release.

    Shape and Size

    Although, all signs point to Apple taking more time to launch a round-shaped dial Smartwatch, but what’s wrong with us hoping that it will happen? Apple has admitted that it needs to work on the interface to completely overhaul the shape of the watch, making this a wishful feature for now.

    There have also been rumours of smartbands coupled with modular multi-functional straps for Watch 4. The band can come in handy to track health, for data connection, and for communication with a wide area network.

    Inbuilt Camera

    According to the rumors, Apple Watch 4 might have an inbuilt camera. It might have a front-facing selfie camera, and considering that Apple already owns the patent for wearable devices having a front-facing camera, it’s very much a possibility.

    Better Health Monitoring

    Apple Watch 4 might just go on to become a medically approved device, owing to its best-in-class health sensors. Additionally, having better health sensors can also grant the Smartwatch an FDA approval. The device will be able to monitor a user’s heart activity and collate his past activities. This can propel the wearable device amongst the top medical tools to predict imminent heart issues.

    There may be some time before the Apple Watch 4 is released, but we cannot stop spinning our heads wondering how Apple will step up on its innovation game and exceed our expectations. Here’s hoping that the company will incorporate some of the above features to make the Smartwatch a must buy.

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