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    A Bigger and Better Apple Watch is Coming in 2018

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    Amit Srivatsa
    Amit Srivatsa Apr 5, 2018

    The Apple Watch Series 3 was launched in September 2017 and we are already looking forward for the Series 4. Most likely to be released in autumn of 2018, there have been rumours that Apple is going all in with a new design and a variety of important and remarkable changes.

    It’s about time that the Apple Watch saw some kind of redesign. According to KGI Securities’ analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the Apple Watch Series 4 is expected to have a 15% bigger display than the current version and with smaller bezels, which would be the easiest way to adopt the bigger displays without making the watch bulky. It is also anticipated that the Apple Watch 4 may sport a larger battery capacity when compared to the current models. Moreover, reports also indicated that Apple would include updates to the health sensors as well as other general improvements to the new model.

    Although Apple has retained the same design for three versions in a row, the larger screen would be the most significant design change. It is still not clear how this would affect the overall design, but a more trendy factor will definitely lead to improved sales.

    Coming to the looks, the circular-face rumour will inevitably resurface, but that negatively affected the interface on the Android Wear Watches with squeezed text and an overall unattractive display. Thus Apple’s interface control freakiness will probably prevent its application for square and circular screen with the same OS.

    One of the most important rumours we are hearing is that Apple is contemplating production of a  new multi-functional smart band that will ship with the watch. By transferring some of the technologies from inside of the watch into these smart bands, Apple can now add new features without being restricted by the size of the watch.

    The band could also accommodate other components in a modular design and with its own battery. One of the advantages of the modular band would be that it could free up the watch face thus making it thinner and lighter. It is also rumoured to have magnets embedded into it for closure.

    Apple has already made its watch partially FaceTime-ready with the audio calls, but will it incorporate the video element as well? We are not sure, even though it does sound interesting. It’s uncertain as to how many people will actively FaceTime via a watch. It sounds sort of uncomfortable.

    Finally, at this time, the Apple Watch Series 3 starts at $560, and depending on how radically Apple reimagines the Series 4, we can expect the pricing to be the same, although the older models will get a juicy price drop if still in sale.

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