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    apple watch activity challenge

    Gear Up for the Next Apple Watch Activity Challenge on 28 August

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    Adnan Nensey
    Adnan Nensey Aug 26, 2021

    Apple is all set to launch the next Apple Watch activity challenge on 28 August. The latest workout test will kick off this week, marking the tech giant’s National Park celebratory initiative. Once the challenge launches, Apple Watch users will be notified about the activity challenge and requested to take part. And yes, the challenge is open globally!

    You can monitor your activities through any application that feeds data into Apple’s Health app. In a move to increase engagement in using the Apple Watch for fitness, the tech giant will be hosting the activity challenge event starting next Saturday.

    Apple Watch Medals

    The activity challenge includes specific challenges to complete a hike, walk, run, or a wheelchair workout lasting more than 1.6 kilometres using any exercise app that adds data in Apple’s Health app. Users who complete challenges will receive limited-edition rewards, according to Apple.

    Rewards will be in the form of limited-edition awards and animated stickers like badges, and these particular badges for the upcoming challenge will focus on National Parks and animals. Apple badges can be used as stickers in Messages and will be available on the iPhone and the Apple Watch. It seems I’ve finally found the motivation to get up and get going! Will you be joining me? Let me know in the comments below.

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