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    Facebook Might Let Users Sync Their VR Workouts With Apple Health App

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    Adnan Nensey
    Adnan Nensey Jul 31, 2021

    Facebook seems to be setting aside its earlier differences with Apple over digital payments and App Transparency framework, reportedly exploring integration of the Apple Health app and Oculus VR headsets. Yup! You might finally be able to sync your VR workout data with the Health app.

    Oculus iPhone App Code Reveals Possible Integration

    This news comes after iOS developer Steve Moser discovered code in the iOS Oculus app and shared his findings with Bloomberg. Oculus VR headsets have been a wonder for offering workout regimes. However, users currently cannot synchronise that data with the Apple Health App. With this feature, users will be able to save workout data, such as calories burned, to the Health app. The code also revealed that the possibility of viewing previously added information on Oculus VR headsets itself.

    Though there’s precedent of app code revealing upcoming features, the possibility of this feature isn’t entirely certain yet. It is interesting to see Facebook trying to integrate with Apple’s operating system. I just hope Facebook isn’t being Big Brother again and trying to get iOS users’ health data.

    Apple’s Own VR Headsets

    Rumours have been doing rounds since 2019 that Apple might be working on developing its own AR glasses and VR headsets. The crucial chip shortage due to the pandemic probably caused Apple to focus on their iOS and macOS devices.

    According to recent leaks by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, however, Apple’s VR headsets might launch in 2022. Kuo also predicts Apple’s virtual reality headsets might offer 8K displays. On the other hand, Apple’s AR glasses aren’t expected before 2025.

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