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iMac pro In India

Mac Standing Strong Among Falling PC Shipments

The worldwide PC shipments were totalled at around 61.7 million in the first quarter of 2018, as reported by Gartner. According to the report, this was a 1.4 % decline from the first quarter of 2017. The PC market is facing a 14th consecutive decline from the second quarter of 2012. And while most PC manufacturers are facing disappointing sales, Apple’s Mac and MacBook sales are pretty steady compared to the same quarter a year ago. Read more

New iPhone concept

Apple’s Next iPhone to be More Expensive than iPhone X?

If you think that the iPhone X is expensive, wait till you see the price tag of this year’s iPhone. When Apple launched its flagship iPhone X priced at around $1000, it raised an inevitable question: Is it worth the money? While the iPhone X is not selling as well as expected, popular thought is that the technology used in the iPhone X will reduce in price eventually, like everything else, and that will enable Apple to give its customers a slightly less pricey device. Read more

iPhone X Gold

Leaks Reveal Hints of Gold iPhone X

An unreleased version of the famous iPhone X in gold color has leaked, thanks to a recently published paper by the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Apple filed for a gold version similar to the gold iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, but the model never made it to the market.

The 180-day confidentiality period for the photos has lapsed, offering a clear view of the gold iPhone X. The images show that the device has a rich gold stainless steel frame and a gold glass back. Although we will never know why Apple pulled out of this launch, it’s safe to say that there were production issues.

The images do suggest an LCD display, which is strange, to say the least, as the iPhone X uses an OLED panel. Although this is a minor difference, it could be a clue that perhaps the images are not of an iPhone X, but of the rumoured low-cost iPhone that will resemble the iPhone X, but comes with an LCD screen. But this certainly doesn’t explain the stainless steel band as the cheaper iPhone is supposed to come with an aluminum band and a single rear camera.

Apple Analyst Ming Chi-Kuo of KGI Securities surely anticipated a gold iPhone ahead of its September release. However, the analyst also noted at the time that some production issues were occurring.

The iPhone X released in September is currently available in silver and black colours. It wasn’t too long ago that rumors about a gold iPhone were heard. However, there is no indication that Apple is planning a gold iPhone release anytime soon. Although, in the ‘maybe’ column, Benjamin Geskin confidently claimed that a blush gold iPhone was in production; hence, new colors are already being whispered about.

Then again, this does play into a bigger narrative that the iPhone X will be cancelled in September. Unlike the previous models, Apple is not interested in selling the iPhone X at a reduced price, because it will clash with an all-new iPhone X SE at this lower price range.

Whatever the case is, the gold phones do look nice.

Apple Store in India

We Might Soon Be Blessed With A Cheaper iPhone 6s Plus: Courtesy Apple’s New Plant In India

The iPhone 6s Plus is one of the highest selling models in India and Apple has begun its trial production at a new factory in the southern region of India with an aim to lower the model’s prices. Setting up a local factory in Bengaluru, Karnataka, Apple aims to drop the prices as a response to the government policies that taxes foreign devices. Read more

Apple iOS 11.3

How To Use Apple’s New iPhone Battery Health Setting In iOS 11.3

After facing the wrath and probably multiple lawsuits, Apple finally revealed that the company has been suppressing or throttling the device’s performance on older devices. Apple justified their act by saying that this was done to prevent unexpected shutdowns as the battery will inevitably weaken. Apple couldn’t ignore the backlash and launched a cut-price battery replacement scheme and promised a new management tool within the iOS to put the users back in control. Read more